UK to Invest in Eskişehir

Gelen We want to make some investments here on behalf of the Kingdom of England, Birleşik said Lord Janvrin, the UK Trade Ambassador to Tepebasi Municipality to see what is happening in the area of ​​sustainable energy and smart cities.

UK Trade Ambassador Lord Janvrin, Consul General of the United Kingdom in Istanbul and Judith Slater, Head of the Department of Commerce, Helen Flewker of the United Kingdom, and İpek Alparslan Yazıcı, Commercial Advisor of the United Kingdom came to Eskişehir as the guest of Tepebaşı Municipality.

The delegation was welcomed by President Ataç and firstly visited Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen in his office. During the meeting, Büyükerşen and Ataç gave information about the social, cultural and economic structure of Eskişehir.

President Ataç and the UK delegation later moved to Tepebaşı Municipality. During the visit, where the deputy mayors of Tepebaşı Municipality were present, a presentation was presented to the guests about the activities and projects of the municipality. In the presentation, the pioneering projects on renewable energy brought to life by the Municipality of Tepebaşı and the smart urban transformation project were conveyed in detail to the guests. After the presentation, the guests were included in the meeting held at the Rainbow Café in Tepebaşı Municipality Özdilek Art Center. The meeting was attended by President Ataç and the UK delegation, as well as Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President Metin Güler, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Organized Industrial Zone President Nadir Küpeli, representatives of the private sector and columnists and media members.

Speaking here, Tepebaşı Mayor Dt. Ahmet Ataç presented the guests and gave information about the visit. President Ataç said, “The reason why our guests come to Eskişehir is that they are interested in sustainable energy programs. We qualify for grants from the European Commission regarding renewable energy and smart cities. kazanThey wanted to see our project on site. Of course, this is a great honor for us. Thank you for evaluating and following our project, it has been a valuable contact for us. The delegation also wants to establish special relations with Eskişehir. There may be some mutual investments, joint projects, sister city relations... We wanted them to meet you, who represent Eskişehir's industry and trade, as well as their visit to us, because I believe that good things will always come out of these contacts. I hope that good relations will always be maintained," he said.

Lord Janvrin, the UK Trade Ambassador, said, lardır We want to develop good relations with us for many years. We want to do serious and beautiful works for the future and we are looking for new ways. This is why we wanted to come to Eskişehir. We are here to see what is done in the areas of sustainable energy and smart city. We want to make some investments here on behalf of the Kingdom of England. We were very impressed by the presentation made by President Ahmet Ataç today, which is very good for the future. We are here to build and invest in good relations with the Ministry of Commerce and the consulate and we are open to all kinds of development. I would like to thank all of you, especially our President Özellikle.

In his speech here, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President Metin Güler wished that the cooperation in question would continue and said, “Of course, Eskişehir is a modern, contemporary city with a very high educational level. Especially to develop cooperation 'kazan-kazan' to both sides in the sense of the model kazanwill provide three. Eskişehir is in a very important position in terms of rail systems, especially aviation. In order to improve our relations, we look forward to welcoming your delegation to Eskişehir as soon as possible. Eskişehir will be very happy to embrace you in terms of investment.”

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Organized Industrial Zone President Nadir Küpeli stated that the UK wants to establish warm relations in order to invest in Eskişehir and expressed that they are very positive and they will support every step to be taken for the industrial zone.

After the meeting here, President Atac welcomed the UK delegation at the Village of Life and the Alzheimer's Center in the Tepebasi Municipality of Tepebasi Municipality. The delegation came together with the experienced citizens in the center and received information about the works carried out in the field.

The UK delegation left Eskisehir after their contacts.

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