Afyonkarahisar Provincial Coordination Council Meets

The Fourth Term Provincial Coordination Board meeting of 2017 was held under the chairmanship of the Deputy Governor Erhan Günay, in order to ensure the coordination between institutions and organizations in order to sustain the ongoing investments in Afyonkarahisar in a coordinated manner.

Governors of the meeting held in the B Block Meeting Hall Deputy Governor Erhan Gunay, as well as District Governors, Mayors, Regional and Provincial Managers of Investor Organizations and NGO Representatives attended.

Erhan Günay, Deputy Governor of the opening speech of the meeting; Iz Distinguished members of the Provincial Coordination Board and prominent representatives of our press; Welcome to the Fourth Term Provincial Coordination Committee meeting of 2017. X

Deputy Governor Erhan Günay, who provided information on 2017 investments; I I hope that the meeting will be beneficial to all institutions and our province. As of the fourth quarter of 2017, the number of public investments in our province is 992. The total project cost is 5 million 775 million 784 billion 2 billion 372 million 575 thousand TL, 2017 year 1 billion 3 million 320 thousand TL and the end of period 565 million 487 thousand TL. Accordingly,% 56 cash realization and% 48 physical realization has been achieved.

The three institutions that received the highest share from Afyonkarahisar's investment funds for 2017 are as follows, respectively; TCDD Afyonkarahisar 232th Regional Directorate ranked first with TL 702 million 7 thousand, Isparta State Hydraulic Works 186th Regional Directorate with TL 661 million 18 thousand and Eskişehir İller Bankası A.Ş. Regional Directorate is in third place.

When the sectoral breakdown of public investments is considered, the maximum allowance 384 million 368 thousand TL belongs to the transportation sector. While it was followed by the Agriculture (Forest) sector with its 179 thousand 644 thousand, 142 was ranked third in the Education (Culture-Sports) sector with a thousand 985 thousand TL.

173 million 169 thousand TL in the end-of-year spending is Isparta State Water Works 18. Regional Directorate was ranked first. In the second place, 132 million 613 thousand TL and TCDD Afyonkarahisar 7 Regional Directorate, in the third place, 70 million 348 thousand TL and Konya Directorate of Highways 3.

Then Deputy Governor Erhan Günay; . I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the efforts of all Investor Organizations in the past years and to continue their successful work. " said.

The meeting ended with the discussion of the issues that require coordination after the investors made presentations about the investments, works and transactions in the areas where the investor institutions and organizations were responsible for them.

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