Izmir's Tramway Wagons Like Ferrari

Izmir's Tram Wagons Like Ferrari: Izmir's road map in development was discussed at the "Consultative Meeting", which includes diplomatic representatives from 19 countries. Speaking at the meeting attended by the Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, Mexican Honorary Consul Kemal Çolakoğlu said, "Ankara is the city of sultans, Istanbul runners and İzmir is the city of smiles".

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) hosted by the "Izmir Consuls Meeting" attended the meeting. Consul General Erkani President Ömer Kaplan, Greece-Izmir Consul General Argyro Papoulia, China-Izmir Consul General Liu Zengxian, Italy-Izmir Consul Luigi Iannuzzi, Hon. - Honorary Consul of Izmir, Honorary Consul in Izmir, Izmir, Honorary Consul in Izmir, Honorary Consul Tamer Bozoklar, Honorary Consul in Izmir in Izmir, Güliz Baslar, Honorary Consul in Izmir, Martin Sanford, Honorary Consul in Izmir, Bosnia and Herzegovina Honorary Consul of Izmir Honorary Consul in Izmir, Izmir Honorary Consul Ender Yorgancılar, Belarus-Izmir Honorary Consul Reha Yorgancıoğlu, Honorary Consul of Belarus in Izmir, Honorary Consul in Czech Republic-İzmir Etem Özsoy, Russian Federation - Honorary Consul of İzmir Rıza Eray Gürler, Colombia - Honorary Consul of Izmir or Alharal and the Honorary Consul of Malaysia- Izmir Hüsamettin Şınlak participated.

Crash resistant city
He said, o There was a period in which the city stagnated, and we went out of that process together. We have the fastest growing city in Turkey since 2010 years. On the one hand, production was done in this city, on the one hand, tax revenues increased. Izmir developed and developed, and more importantly, it became an exemplary city for the industrialist and the merchant to pay the tax payment morality and the debt to the country and the state. Izmir is a very important dimension in terms of both the declared tax and the tax paid. Hem

Stating that İzmir has achieved a balanced growth within the framework of strategic plans, Mayor Kocaoğlu continued: “For 13 years, we have been working and trying to complete all infrastructures of İzmir quickly. The development of a city, especially a metropolitan city like Izmir, is not something that can only be achieved with a museum or a congress center. Growth in İzmir occurs through the correct organization of many sectors. You cannot develop by leaving culture-art or tourism incomplete. In order to invest in a city, to be a livable city, it must first be a pioneer in environmental investments. Many things are needed such as clean air, water and soil. İzmir is a city that grows with a balanced strategic plan and is more resistant to crises with its product range. And Izmir has come to a leap forward now. This leap forward will diversify the service and tourism sectors. That's how İzmir is gathering itself and growing. ”

“Ankara is the city of sultans, Izmir smiles”
Expressing that he is very happy with the work of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mexico's İzmir Honorary Consul Kemal Çolakoğlu said, “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the infrastructure investments, which is the major problem of the city. For example Izmir, Turkey's richest city with the treatment plant. The gulf is being cleaned quickly, and it continues to be cleaned. The light rail system also sat on the rail. We have 10 universities, 3 developing parks, 2 free zones. Cultural city of Izmir, Turkey's Ahmet Adnan Saygun was the hall mark. Turkey will be the star of Izmir. All the time we collect them, Izmir arguably the 2nd largest city in Turkey's economic direction. 1. economic capital, Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara political capital out of this in the case of the first two provinces in Turkey's 81 provinces. We are from Izmir, we do not want to be from Istanbul. Ankara is the city of the sultans and Istanbul is the city of those who laugh in Izmir. ”

“Tram cars like Ferrari”
Honorary Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina and former Karşıyaka Mayor Kemal Baysak stated that the tram brought to the city is extremely important and said: “Years later, my dream of childhood came true. I thank my President; Because it brought a civilized public transportation vehicle to İzmir. This is a modern vehicle without exhaust gas. My guests came from Norway KarşıyakaWhat they said when they got on the tram was: 'These wagons are like Ferrari'. This success, which also attracts attention by foreigners, will take the city to a higher level. ”



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