06 Ankara

1 Roads to be closed in Ankara in May

Roads to be closed to traffic on May 1 in Ankara: The statement made by the governorship stated that it would be beneficial for Ankara residents who use the roads to be covered to consider the road situation closed to traffic. The roads to be closed to the vehicle traffic determined by the Ankara Governorship are as follows: [more…]

35 Izmir

Tram connection to the new opera house in Izmir

Tram connection to the opera house in Izmir: Once again, the construction tender was made by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the first building of “Turkey's opera dedicated to the art of opera”. Due to the absence of a valid offer in the first one, this tender was renewed. [more…]


YHT Warning from Arapoğlu

YHT Warning from Arapoğlu: Sakarya Provincial Representative of the Chamber of City Planners Oya Arapoğlu said, "The YHT route should be re-evaluated under scientific and technical data." In the section of the High Speed ​​​​Train route passing through Sapanca, [more…]