Birdal: A New Term Begins in Railways

Birdal: A New Era in Railways Started: 4.International Railway Industry and Technologies Conference was held in Ankara YHT Gar with the participation of Orhan Birdal, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

Birdal was accompanied by TCDD Deputy General Managers Ismail H.Murtazaoğlu and Ali İhsan Uygun.

Deputy Secretary Orhan Birdal in his speech at the Conference provided for Turkey's prestige works its place among that Ankara YHT Station of the railways where he kept important light on where come and doing conferences hosted on the railways said he finds meaningful and appropriate.

Birdal said that a new railway mobilization has started since the year 2003 on the neglected railroads which have been neglected for half a century. 2003 has been invested in Turkish railways since 60. With these investments, especially YHT projects, railways, great people who re-popularized our people said Birdal said “Until today we have introduced a significant number of 32 million passengers such as high-speed trains. Başta He said.

Noting that the construction of high-speed train projects, which can carry both cargo and passenger from Bursa to Bilecik, from Konya to Adana, to Mersin and Gaziantep, is continuing, Birdal noted that renewed lines, modernization works, urban rail projects and also gave information about logistics center projects.


Rail Sector Liberalization the 2003 years after underlining that one of the most important projects carried out so far Birdal, Turkey, saying he started a whole new era in rail With the advent of the Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport, "briefly with the law; While TCDD is assigned as the infrastructure operator, TCDD's subsidiary TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. was established and put into operation. All secondary legislation was enacted under the Law. Our public company TCDD Transportation Inc. as well as private companies will be able to operate as a railway train operator. We mean that; field is ready, seed is waiting for the company. acak


Within the scope of the national and national production mobilization that started in our country, demiryolu By making use of the opportunities and capabilities of the subsidiaries of TCDD, Birdal made a speech about domestic and national production by expanding the advanced railway industry in our country. We support our organizations such as Systems Clustering (ARUS). Sistem

Birdal, under the leadership of TCDD Çankırı, Adapazarı and Sivas in the establishment of subsidiaries, rail, scissors, local train sets, traverse production, in cooperation with TÜBİTAK BİLGEM and ITU National Railway Signaling Project prototype study has been carried out by the National Railway Signaling System Afyon-Denizli-Isparta / Burdur and Denizli-Partners said that the installation work began.

He stated that the E-1000 maneuver locomotive was reduced to the tracks in TÜLOMSAŞ, and the work of the E-5000 electric outline locomotive was started and ini The first generation of the New Generation First Freight Car in TÜDEMSAŞ was successfully produced. We aimed to produce 150 pieces from our national freight wagon this year. Milli

Currently, the YHT service to the YHT lines of the service set to the 19 units, YHT fleet to continue to work to add a further set of 106 units Birdal said, "These will be produced in our country, the percentage of 53'den 74'den percent will be produced." He said. Birdal, "the Ministry of Urban Railway projects carried out by the Ministry of the 53'li place has brought us a condition," he added.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Orhan Birdal, UDHB Deputy Undersecretary, gave information about the railway R & D activities. Köprü Within the scope of railway R & D activities, Railway Research Center (DATEM) was established within the scope of TCDD to undertake the task of bridging the local industry and universities and implementing new technologies. This center in Behiçbey is equipped with necessary laboratories and all tests can be done. Beh

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