Last cornering in Akçaray signaling system

Last turn on the signaling system of Akçaray: The signaling works at the Tramway Project constructed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality are about to be completed.

In the tramway project constructed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the works on the signaling system of the tramway vehicles are being continued at full speed. 24 signaling of the 14 intersection on the tram line provides warning lights and 7 provides priority trams.


The signalization works at the points where the tramway vehicles will cross and the vehicles will be going on, the speed continues. 24 is aimed at the safe passage of the tram cars with the work carried out at different points. In the studies carried out, the signaling at the 14 junction provides service at the warning level. At the 7 junction point, tramways are primarily signaled, allowing traffic to flow regularly.


Intersection signaling services in the test cars of tram cars serve synchronicly. The intersections that allow tramway crossings are Ay Cicegi Street, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Avenue, 2 units, East Barracks, Yahya Kaptan, Terminal and Necip Fazil Street. Intersection signaling system works simultaneously with the construction of the tram.

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