3 Alternative Project For Malatya Wagon Repair Factory

3 Alternative Project for Malatya Wagon Repair Factory: Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci stated that there is currently 3 project for Wagon Repair Factory (VOF) and that an important step will be taken during this period.

Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci, along with AKP Provincial President Hakan Kahtalı and party leaders Akçadağ district with the result of the referendum made a thank you visit.

Minister Tüfenkci, made his first visit to the AKP District Presidency and met with party members here.

Minister Tüfenkci thanked the result of the referendum; Olduğ As a result of our vote, our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan returned as a member of the AK Party. I hope you will pass 21 captaincy in accordance appreciate your desire and again in May, and this ship will float again and we will remove the real sense, Turkey is a party together. We are proud and proud to serve you at all times. And in doing so, we are looking for a miracle in our own person, and what we are looking for in another. We know timeland from this nation. Biz

Addressing the economic developments during his speech, Minister Tüfenkci said:

Ti See 2016 year was very difficult. And at this point, we gave our trades interest-free loans to our trades both through KOSGEB and through TESKOMB so that the production of the wheels in the economic sense would not stop production. With the Credit Guarantee Fund, we restructured the debts of medium-sized and large companies; And although it faces to remain in Turkey until the year 2017 because we attempted coup, despite a lot of negativity in a strong external inputs, began to increase our exports, production has started to increase. Let me here referred to as a note, inflation at the end of the year I hope we will bring it back into single digits in Turkey, will bring unemployment to single digits. And we will carry Turkey to a much more powerful way of 2018 years. "

Explaining that incentives will be given to the producers' unions and this will be issued by the Ministry of Finance's bag law Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci, ası We talked to the Food Committee yesterday, we will give incentives to the producer unions. We have a bag of finance in front of it will put it inside.'N He said.


Minister Tüfenkci said, 'If Allah permits, we finish the Erkenek Tunnel. Another issue is the Wagon Repair Factory. We wanted to make Wagon Repair Factory 'logistics center'. As we continue to work on this, new demands for the factory have emerged. Red Crescent General President Malatya a fellow. 15-20 came to Malatya with his crew before the day and toured the Wagon Repair Factory. To build a prefabricated factory in Malatya, a tent. Birde has a project in the Middle East that will turn Kızılay into a Logistics Center. Iş This is our business, talep they demanded. Also in Sakarya, the company applied to the wagon-producing company in Malatya to make production in the scope of the Growth Centers program. Of course we are a little more polite, we want to make it a logistics center. We will have given a certain direction during this period at the Wagon Repair Factory. Bu

Minister Tüfenkci, Akçadağ'a natural gas to be signed in June, the contract will be signed, he said. Tüfenkci, Akçadağ Marble OSB expropriation problem will be solved, he said.

Minister Tüfenkci, visited Akçadağ District Governorate and Akçadağ Municipality. Tüfenkci, also met with the shopkeepers.

Source: Burhan KARADUMAN, Yeni Malatya Gazetesi- malatyahaber.com

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  1. wagon repair factory buildings are left to rot and why not use the buildings that are left to be decayed and used. Services should be used to serve the TCDD. dmy vehicle repair factories should not be in the center.