Kastamonu Castle-Clock Tower Cable Car Project was signed

The contract of Kastamonu Castle-Clock Tower Cable Car Project was signed: Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin Babaş signed a contract for the 'Teleferic Project', which is named as the Crazy Project by the public, to connect the historical Kastamonu Fortress and the Clock Tower from the sky.

The works will be started as of today after the signatures of the Mayor Tahsin Babaş, which has won the tender for the 'Teleferic Project', which will support the projects of the historical Kastamonu.

Mayor Tahsin Babaş who asked the contractor to complete the project as soon as possible, Belediye Our goal is to bring the historic Kastamonu to the surface. Of course, we have to support the tourism region with various projects. Our cable car project is one of the projects that will support our historical projects. When the project is completed, our citizens and guests will have the opportunity to watch Historical Kastamonu from the sky. Between the castle and the clock tower, the 5 will make a journey that I believe will not be satisfied with the minute course. We will continue our works and projects for future generations. There are many more works we will do in Kastamonu. We thank our fellow countrymen who supported us by giving support to every work we do and we continue to work without getting tired and tired and tired of the energy we receive from them. Yap

The project supported by the North Anatolian Development Agency (KUZKA) will be completed within 240 days (8 month). Within the scope of the project, 1040 meters long 6 people will be installed with fixed clamped Group Gondola cable car line. The buildings that will be constructed at both ends of the cable car line will carry the lines suitable for the architecture of Kastamonu.

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