High Speed ​​Train Panel Held at Düzce University

The High Speed ​​Train Panel was Held in Düzce University: It hosted a program titled “High Speed ​​Train Panel - Welfare for Future Generations: RaHat” organized in cooperation with Düzce University, Düzce Municipality and Düzce Governorate.

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Education and Culture Center. Düzce Deputy Ayşe Keşir, Mayor of Düzce Mehmet Keleş, Rector. Dr. Nigar Demircan Age, Deputy Director General of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey Ismail H. Murtazaoğlu, members of the protocol, an expert in domestic and foreign guests, our instructor, was attended by students and members of the press.

Among the two major metropolis such as Istanbul and Ankara; the opening speech of the program, where the possible high-speed train investment process, which can provide safe, comfortable, economical and rapid transportation, is discussed. Dr. Nigar Demircan Çakar made it. Emphasizing the importance of high-speed train, the Rector stated that the scientific, academic and technical aspects of the subject will be conveyed. Rector, Regional Development Oriented Mission Diversification Project, Strengthening the infrastructure of the Central Research Laboratory and supporting the production of national, domestic and universal toys for the Toy Organized Industrial Zone planned to be established in Düzce. .

The university has reached the number of 30 thousand students and 5 50 thousand students in the year predicting the potential that the Rector, these figures are candidates for the student city of Düzce, he added. Düzce's history, geographic location, technical and security aspects of the city is the most suitable for the high-speed train project highlighting the Rector. Dr. Nigar Demircan Çakar wished the panel would bring good results for Düzce.

Speaking in the program, the Mayor of Duzce Mehmet Keles, thanks to the University of high-speed train subject to thank you began. Keles expressed that they have realized important projects with the University and stated that the program was organized in order to create a serious awareness for the project. Describing the road as civilization, Mehmet Keles underlined that Düzce is at an advantageous point and that these issues should be talked about in order to implement the projects such as airport, sea port and high-speed railway in Düzce. Desperate that they want to pass a high-speed train line from Duzce Keles, Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train project for the best line, indicating that the Düzce-Bolu line will show their struggle on this issue, he said.

Düzce Deputy Ayşe Keşir, who was invited to the podium for his speech, stated that Düzce is a city which is very suitable for high speed train investments. Kesir stated that the project will offer important opportunities to Düzce in many aspects such as tourism, settlement and agriculture and expressed that they want to evaluate the position of Düzce in this regard. Ayşe Keşir stated that the university paid attention to the cooperation with other institutions and organizations and concluded that the outputs of the program made important contributions to the high speed train project.

After the opening speeches, the sessions were held. Due to rapid population growth, development of industrial volume and social needs, the program, which has the fastest way to respond to transportation needs in our country, was discussed.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Düzce University. Dr. In the session titled inde Japan Experiences and Earthquake Risk in High Speed ​​Train Technologies of chaired by Ilyas Uygur, the Institute of Technology of Tokyo Institute of Technology Dr. Shunu Kakumoto and Japanese Railways retired Eiji Nakatsu, 50 years ago, Japan, the fast train project implemented in different cities in the world have experienced significant experiences about the construction of high-speed train. Foreign scientists, who evaluated the sample projects in many aspects such as technical, ground study, security and cost, transferred their scientific knowledge to the participants.

The last speaker of the panel was Kandilli Observatory Earthquake Engineering Department Retired Faculty Member. Dr. Mustafa Erdik made a presentation on ”High Speed ​​Train and Earthquakes Mustafa. Prof. Dr. Prof.Dr. Dr. Erdik stressed that bridges, viaducts and tunnels should be designed in a very good way and necessary measures should be taken against the earthquake.

At the end of the program, TCDD Deputy General Manager Ismail H. Murtazaoğlu made a speech. Murtazaoğlu, who started his speech by mentioning the historical development of the railways, gave information about the institutional structure of TCDD and shared the knowledge that our country has a total 12.532 km railway line. 2004 1213 km high-speed train line has been built since the 2016, 6 XNUMX million passengers in the year XNUMX high-speed train moved, he added.

1906 km high-speed train line with the 1042 km high-speed train lines continue to say that the construction of TCDD Deputy General Manager, 2023 vision high speed train 3500, 8500 km km high speed train and 1000 km of the conventional line of our country total 25.000 km railway line to reach the target, he said. İsmail H. Murtazaoğlu also mentioned about the railroads' contribution to economic and social aspects of railways.

The program titled “High Speed ​​Train Panel - Welfare for Future Generations: RaHat”, in which high speed train subject is evaluated with its national and international dimensions, ended after the presentation of a gift and a certificate of appreciation.

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