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Italian monthly magazine Espansione passing under a railway Strait, the East's door to Turkey, will open the doors of Europe to China. Ankara and Beijing are forming a union to play a prominent role in geopolitical balances. The news is as follows:
Giuseppe Mancini
Istanbul Strait, passing under the railway tunnel "Marmaray" in the opening ceremony, the Republic of Turkey's 90th anniversary, will be held on October 29, 2013. Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to the project to one of the sites, white protective helmet and orange reflective jacket by displaying a proud way of being, this project, "iron silk road" described above as the most important part of that. According to Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu "The awakening of history", between China and the Ottoman Empire, a history that has prevented the flow of goods and ideas impossible, means a glorious return.
in cooperation with China in a strategic sense today Turkey, two friendly emerging powers: to change the geopolitical balance of interrupting the Eurasian continent entirely; It has plans to make Beijing reach the gates of Europe and Ankara to the center of Asia. Agreements signed on the occasion of high-level visits from 2009 prove this. Mentioned among these visits, the crowds ministers and the business delegation to accompany Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping's last February in Turkey to visit and a 7-11 April might be an example of Erdogan's visit in China. The Chinese are particularly interested in Turkey's major infrastructure projects: the modernization of the motorway network and engaged in investment in high-speed railway projects; They are targeting the third Bosphorus Bridge and the artificial canal projects to be built in parallel with the Bosphorus and the tenders to be opened for the construction of the nuclear power plant.
–Record Growth, Farewell to the Dollar–
China and Turkey, in 2011. The record for the world's highest growth rate was two economies. Last year, bilateral trade between the two countries reached $ 24,5 billion. However, it shows a large imbalance: Turkey's exports $ 2,5 billion versus $ 22 billion worth of Chinese exports. During the visit of Chinese Prime Minister Vın Ciabao in 2010, agreements were made to carry bilateral trade to 2012 billion dollars by 50 and 2020 billion dollars by 100. The more important development was that they decided to abandon the dollar and use national currencies. This was the meaning of the $ 1,2 billion swap between central banks, which was officially made in February and lasted for three years (renewable if necessary). Clearly priority; The finished or semi-finished products to increase the exports of Turkey, the promotion of China's direct investment in developing countries and the flow of tourists and the mobilization of the joint venture referred to by closing this imbalance.
Erdogan, in Beijing and when met with a large number of entrepreneurs in Shanghai Turkey's political stability and stressed the economic dynamism of the Asian country, which has a characteristic bridge between Africa and Europe has underlined the central location and offers the convenience of plans in new prepared investment. Known as the confederation of conservative businessmen close to the party and continue the successful cooperation with Chinese enterprises help TUSKON Turkey interested in opening a representative office in Beijing will be very useful. The national airline company THY plans to add 3 more destinations to 5 active destinations in China.
Atomic Energy and Coal-to-Turkey's
Turkey is a reliable and increasingly influential partners in the political sense as Pekingese who accepted leaders have decided to fulfill the needs of this country. Erdogan and Wen Jiabao, has signed two agreements in the nuclear field: Energy import payments due to budget largely damaged Turkey, 2023 As of three nuclear power plants (first of Russia, the Mediterranean will build on the coast, and secondly for being made in talks with South Korean and Japanese company) wants to reach. One of these will likely be built by one of China's major public industrial groups. In addition, an agreement of two billion dollars was reached for the construction of a coal plant in the north of Bartın, rich in minerals. In addition, Turkey Agaoglu Group of turbines in Turkey, panels and plans to perform a large wind power plant with Sinovel technology for the production of generators seeking to invest. Other agreements signed between Turkish and Chinese enterprises, solar panels in Turkey, railways and the production of materials used in the construction of bridges and covers the near export markets.
Wind energy investments in Turkey and China, the first stop on Erdogan's visit; It was also at the center of the talks held in Urumqi in the Sincan autonomous region. This region in the westernmost part of China is also known as "East Turkistan": Uyghurs, who speak Turkish and are Muslim, make up the majority. Pro-independence, Islamist movements and terrorist acts carried out by the pressure of the central authority (caused the death of 2009 people in 200 and the Prime Minister of Turkey "almost genocide," as he described it to) that affects a sensitive area ...
- Perfect Harmony in Foreign Policy--
Potential obstacle in bilateral relations, Uighurs have developed into an additional opportunity for cooperation within a few years. Turkey's official statement directed to the Beijing criticisms completely disappeared. In 2010, China decided to accept these countries as partners in the Uighur cultural and language-dependent specific requirements of the role to give the guarantor of Turkey and after the revolt of 2009, the mobilization of social-economic development plan.
It is an extraordinary opportunity for Ankara. Because Xinjiang, beyond having an enviable position in Asia's geopolitical scene, is also rich in scarce minerals and energy resources, including uranium. An industrial zone where Turkish businesses operate became operational a while ago and an air connection with Istanbul was established. In addition, the formation of Uighur imam, to be carried out directly by the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey. But the two countries in 2010, said that the Strategic Cooperation High Council did not yet life, as well as Turkey, tripartite cooperation platform between China and Pakistan are waiting to be implemented in the same way.
The two countries have similar views on the main issues of international politics: they oppose military intervention against Iran; After the initial divergence, they develop a common stance on Syria; more generally, they are concerned about situations (terrorism and fundamentalism) that could cause instability on their borders. In 2010, they conducted a joint Anatolian Eagle drill in Konya and in the context of an undisclosed mountainous areas of Turkey held anti-terrorism exercises. In addition, Beijing supports Ankara's candidacy as an observer at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In the meantime, relations, reinforced thanks to cultural change: China Year in Turkey in 2012, 2013 will be the Year of Turkey in China; A series of events of all kinds will be held, highlighting the common history. There will be events targeting a wide audience and mutual interaction.

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