Rize City Council President Topçu evaluated Trabzon-Erzincan Train Line

Rize City Council President Topçu evaluated the Trabzon-Erzincan Train Line: Rize City Council President Metin Topçu evaluated the Trabzon-Erzincan Train Line. Topçu, Ordu Olay newspaper said in a statement made:

U The campaign launched by Ordu Olay Newspaper created a wave of excitement in the Black Sea. I have been willing to participate in the Sarp'a high-speed train campaign from the first day since the Erzincan-Trabzon high-speed train line started to move to the agenda when a professor from KTÜ was called tren this betrayal ebi, the then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

When I examined the case closely, I saw that our teacher is right. I wrote in many of my articles, e The salary of the state gives you halal as the mother's milk ına at that time h Because the line that our teacher recommended for the Erzincan Trabzon Fast Line is a cheaper 5,5 billion line ü No effort has been made since then and this is meaningless , uneconomical studies continued. Still, the state's top authorities are insisting on an incredible way. Ille Erzincan Trabzon high-speed train line says tarafından Artvin, Rize, Trabzon Giresun, Ordu and Samsun, and the line that will form a very large unity is never expressed by the state diy People want, does not want the state seems. Zealous, micro-nationalist gangs have blinded the state, and the desire of the people of the Black Sea to be denied by a huge huge investment is prevented by any means. I know one thing in my life. The word of the people is the word of the right. The rest is detailed. What does the whole Black Sea say? Fast train from Samsun to Sarp zaman Then people will be called a

The political environment is not suitable for me. Our country is at a very important crossroads bir Everyone has an account. At this time, it is not everyone's satisfaction to overpower this issue ılıy Our head is already burned bana The first thing that hit us in all the huge things is ası these are opposition ”stamps. In the name of showing the truth to the public opposition to vin Because my mission is to open the curtain on the events of the public to show the truth ar OVIT issue, Rize-Artvin airport was right about the issue. Today, these two giant projects come to life. The Army Olay Newspaper gave 'airport' for years and gave a great struggle. He's faced the same accusations la What now? AnadoluJet at Ordu-Giresun Airport, the first time in the week when an expedition, 18 expedited this week. So it was what people said.

The fate of Artvin, Rize, Giresun, Ordu is the same k We are going to make the same micro-nationality with the grave bureaucrats. Because the public wants it, the right will do it. 6 province on the one hand and a single province on the other tek I never wrote in my life as a political party. 16 will not mention this issue until April ize Rize received great services, my army has received great services. We will explain this issue to our son Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has shown the biggest blackness despite all the obstacles, and we will make sure that he makes the right decision.

Because he says ”right” Çünkü

Source : I www.orduolay.co

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 16:41

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  1. I had read the teacher's article and agreed to him. you are defending the same truth. this is the right thing. Already until Wednesday, with the rehabilitation to be made on this road, a FDI of 3 km / h can be done in the first stage to Ordu, then Trabzon in the third stage and to Artvin (Hopa). The crowning of this will be the connection of the road from Hopa to Batumi and the connection to the whole Russian, Caucasian and Asian network. If there will be a connection from the eastern Anatolia to the black sea, it should be in the direction of Trabzon from Aşkale to Bayburt-Gümüşhane. I have repeatedly written that this line is the shortest transit route between the Kars Iğdır nahcivan line and South Asia and Northern Europe.