Konya Metro's Route Was Determined

The route of the Konya Metro is Clear: Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, who chaired the April meeting, said that the route and stops of the Konya subway were determined.

Konya Mayor Tahir Akyürek, said the referendum after the start of a new era in Turkey, Konya, central and will continue to increase investment in the district, said the city's and country's development contribution will continue to sağlamakçalış.

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek, who convened the meeting of April, wished that the outcome of the referendum would be a favor to the good and the beauty in the name of our country, our nation, our state and Konya.

Noting that they lived together in a peaceful process during the referendum in Konya, President Akyürek stated that they did not encounter any negative effects in the studies test. Bir We have completed the process together with a dignity that suits the people of Konya.

Hundreds of thousands of people came together in a big rally with the participation of our President in Konya. A new era has begun. We would like to thank our nurses for the fact that they have experienced the referendum process with maturity and have resulted in a very high participation. Halk

Noting that there is a project on a new rail system line in the center, President Akyürek stated that the first step of the Konya metro station has been identified, and that there will be a line in Fetih Street, Ahmet Özcan and Meram region. said they were conducting work.



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