Izmir loved the tram, 100 thousand passengers moved in the first week

Izmir loved the tram, 100 thousand passengers moved in the first week: Tram Izmir, which was initiated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as one of the biggest public transportation investments in history, started pre-operation a week ago. Karşıyaka The number of passengers reached to 100 thousand.

Tram which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has implemented as one of the major public transportation investments in its history Karşıyaka department started pre-operation on Tuesday, April 11. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also attended trial runs Karşıyaka The pre-operation on the line is free of charge between 06: 00 and 24: 00. During the pre-operation, which will take about two months, 20 will run once a minute Karşıyaka Approximately 100 thousand passengers used the tram in a week.

Average 15 thousand passengers per day Karşıyaka The tram will increase the frequency of its regular operations and the number of passengers will grow exponentially. Tramway, with the high level of comfort it offers, attracts everyone's appreciation and sympathy. kazanThen, many people started to compete with each other to take photos and videos on the streets. Reaching high occupancy rate almost every hour of the day Karşıyaka It was observed that the tram reached peak numbers between 20: 00-22: 00 hours especially at night.

Assessments for one week Karşıyaka It turned out that the people adapted to the tram very quickly. It was observed that pedestrians and vehicles show high level of care to comply with the rules, especially when motor vehicle users comply with the warning signs. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has also started informing activities called “Keep your eyes on the tram amacıyla in order to shorten this process.

14 kilometers with 8.8 stops Karşıyaka After the line, the Konak line, where the works continue intensively, will be put into operation. With the launch of the 12,8 kilometer 20 stop Konak line, the huge project of 450 million TL will be completed successfully. On the other hand, the rail system network in İzmir has increased over 150 kilometers with the tram lines being fused, thus starting a whole new era in the urban public transport of İzmir.

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