Kocaeli Sekapark Bus Station Tram Line Rails Set Out

date today june kocaelide akcaray tram
date today june kocaelide akcaray tram

It has been learned that the production of the rails manufactured in Poland, which will be used in the tram line project between the Sekapark Bus Station, for which the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality laid the foundation with a pre-election ceremony, has been completed and is on the road to be brought to Izmit.


Metropolitan Municipality, tram project contractor Durmazlar When the company signed a contract with the firm and delivered the site, the countdown started on the 555 day to complete the project. As of yesterday, the promised time for the tram to run in Izmit has fallen to 434 days. After the rails arrive, the actual construction will start in February, Izmit will suffer a bit. February 2017'de tram cabins will begin to transport passengers will be delivered at September 2016'de announced.

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