Giant generator ship came to Marmaray

The giant generator ship came to Marmaray: The solution to the people of Istanbul who came to power after Marmaray came into power came from the sea.

The electricity generated by the generator ship anchored in the Yenikapı openings will relax the mega city.

The Ministry of Transport hired Doğan Bey, the giant generator ship, to supply electricity to Marmaray due to the increasing need. Doğan Bey, which has a 126 megawatt power plant, was connected to the land with the electrical cables extended from the ship, which started rapidly after the ship anchored in Yenikapı. In land works, an electricity transfer station was built on the shore. After the last works were carried out at this station, it was learned that the energy produced by the ship will first reach the city network and then to the Marmara. The ship produces energy to meet the electricity needs of a settlement with a population of 500 thousand.

Marmaray, which took its electricity from the city power plant in the Eminönü district, caused power cuts. The tradesmen had a hard time because of the long-term power cuts in the Grand Bazaar and its surroundings. One of the 2010 generator ships produced in Tuzla in 9, Doğan Bey was said to have generated electricity from the sea to Iraq, South Asia and Africa, which had previously suffered from energy shortages.

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