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Bursa Logistics Wants a Village: Considering the role of Bursa in terms of import and export, the importance of the logistics sector in Bursa emerges. Logistical impossibilities, which are seen as the first obstacle to growth in international competitiveness, therefore, logistics arrangements constitute a large part of Bursa's growth plans. Logistics developments in Bursa are getting faster day by day. kazanOn the other hand, companies providing logistics services want a 'Logistics Village' to be established in Bursa urgently.

In terms of the logistics sector of Bursa, the logistics sector is among the sectors to be supported so that the economic development of the region can continue at a sustainable development level. Having a say in the logistics sector, the dynamics of Bursa continue to stand out in this projection with the investments they have developed. The transportation infrastructure of the city is mainly composed of highways. However, its continued development will depend on effective and efficient logistics and supply chain solutions. Bursa logistics sector has turned its route to the direction of establishing a Logistics Village. Competition in the industry is fierce. In the light of the information I have obtained, the charm of the city; While increasing with ports, airports, high-speed train and highway projects, sector representatives who agree that Bursa has come to a strategic position in terms of logistics, draw attention to the fact that the number of companies operating in the city is starting to disappear. As a result, the logistics industry is going through a bad period and has difficulties in terms of providing service. Bursa representatives, in logistics kazanThey said that it is up to you to have all services under the same roof, not just warehousing, road or sea transport. In fact, they drew attention to the fact that not only the companies in Bursa were closed, but they also saw that investors throughout Turkey withdrew from this sector.

Foreign firms are buying logistics companies from Turkey or Turkish companies by serious advantages found that our country offers predictions on the direction they evaluate in a comfortable way, if the necessary measures are taken soon, the Turkish logistics of largely dominated by the idea that now the control of foreign-owned companies. We wanted to examine the Bursa logistics sector pulse based on the information provided by our representatives. Here are the opinions…

Hasan Çepni (Chairman of the BTSO Logistics Council):
'Bursa Günay is a candidate to become the logistics center of Marmara'
The existence of a Logistics Village on the basis of intermodal transportation, in which Sea-Land and Railway will be used together, is inevitable in the future setup that aims to grow in the target sectors. BTSO, which carries out studies for the elimination of physical infrastructure deficiencies as well as the change and transformation initiated in both industry and trade; The double-track High Speed ​​Train project (Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma-Osmaneli High Speed ​​​​Train Project), which is suitable for 200 km / h, where freight and passenger transportation can be carried out together, as well as the YHT lines that can carry only passengers, which will bring the commercial attractiveness of our region to a higher position and continue Combined Transport (Railroad-Highway) with the Istanbul-Izmir highway project kazanIntegration of maritime transport is an absolute necessity. In order to evaluate the airway cargo transportation infrastructure possibilities of Bursa-Yenişehir Airport, which is idle, a study has been initiated under the umbrella of BTSO with the contributions of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Governorship. Istanbul airports are used in the export of industrial and agricultural products in Bursa and its surroundings by air. With the realization of the ongoing Istanbul-İzmir highway and Yenişehir-Bandırma Railway projects, it was thought that this ability of Bursa Yenişehir Airport, whose efficiency in export by air in terms of time and cost, will not be questioned, should be used. As a result of the preliminary interviews with the companies engaged in air cargo transportation, it has been determined that there is a serious potential for automotive, textile and fresh vegetables and fruits in the air cargo transportation product segment in Bursa and its surroundings. BTSO provided the physical conditions required for the opening of Yenişehir Airport to cargo transportation and it was agreed that it would take this responsibility. With BTSO Lojistik AŞ, which was established for this purpose, efforts are made to minimize the logistics costs of our members and to make Bursa a base for air cargo transportation throughout our region.'

C.Said Akgün (MUSIAD Bursa Branch, Logistic Sector Board President)
'It depends on you having it under the same roof'
“We think that value-added services will come to the fore in the logistics sector. Bursa industrialists prefer sea and land services due to the opportunities. in logistics kazanç depends on having all services under the same roof, not just warehousing, road or sea transport. In other words, you need to provide A to Z service to your customers. Value-added services will be very popular'

Ali Cansevdi (Gokbora Bursa Regional Customs and Logistics Services Manager):
'There is a sector struggling to preserve existence'
'Bursa's industrialists prefer maritime transport and then land transport, since our port is close and the cost is low. old in logistics kazanSeeing the inside is not possible, there is a sector currently struggling to maintain existence. Bursa's transportation investments in logistics are not at the desired level, it is necessary to carry out studies in a wider range and to follow the expansion in the international arena. Unfortunately, our Bursa did not make a good breakthrough in the field of air cargo. There has been no progress on the infrastructure of the region, on the regional logistics village. Although Bursa has a large potential in logistics and foreign trade in our region, the desired level of infrastructure investment has not been made. In line with the strategic goals of the city, we see that highways will be formed with YHT lines along with passenger and freight transportation and investments continue, although not at the desired level at the moment. kazanI think I will. The pioneer of integrated transportation, the railway investment is an important transportation for the highway logistics sector, and its connections with Yenişehir airport should be integrated as soon as possible. I would especially like to point out that with the activation of the line, the cost of our transportation will decrease, as well as the service quality will increase and time will be saved. It is thought that the Road Transport Regulation, which entered into force on February 25, 2005 in our country, will lead to a new structuring in the sector in terms of authorization documents and contract boundaries. It seems that the failure of small companies to pay the high guarantees required in accordance with the regulation may cause mergers between companies and bring a new solution for TIR purchases for large companies. In addition, it is thought that the competitive advantage experienced on the road will decrease, as the obligation to carry out insured transportation will increase transportation costs. This situation is expected to create a merger problem for younger companies and a competitive advantage for large fleet owned companies.'

Fikret Cömert (Çözüm Group YKB):
'Companies do not close in Bursa, investors withdraw from the sector'
'The logistics industry continues to be a shining star. Its importance is increasing day by day, especially due to the valuable contribution of Osmangazi Bridge, our Green Bursa, and the reaching capacity saturation of the Istanbul-Kocaeli hinterland. Bursa industrialists prefer highway and seaway due to geographical conditions and logistics opportunities. Airline is preferred for products with urgent or logistical requirements. Due to the increasing competition in the logistics sector in the last 5 years, kazanUnfortunately, it has regressed considerably. However kazanAs in every business, ç emerges as a result of lateral growth and value-added works. The opening of the Osmangazi bridge has been a great value for Bursa, but we still have shortcomings, we believe that it will be completed in a short time with the support of our state elders and industrialists. Bursa and Region air cargo continues under the shadow of Istanbul. A Logistic Village should definitely be established in Bursa, and this process will both contribute to the city traffic and accelerate the processes even more. Today, logistics villages have been established in all developed countries and operate in a good way. By establishing logistics villages in these countries, unnecessary vehicle movement, manpower efficiency, smart warehouse management in a single location, reduction in costs and reduction in environmental pollution have been achieved. TCDD has a night load transportation project on high-speed train lines, and if this is realized, it means that new transportation methods will be used for Bursa. You will see that large Logistics Hubs (sea, air, land, train, collection and distribution centers) are established in 5-6 different cities in every country in Europe. Bursa is one of these Hubs. '

Fahrettin Arabacı (General Manager of ARCLOG Logistics Transportation):
'Creating a logistic base will make a great contribution to Bursa'
'The land preference is higher for shipments to European countries and neighboring countries. Emergency loads and long-distance loads are made by air. The railway has a very small share. Shipments to distant countries and with no time restrictions and low freight costs are made by sea. In recent years kazanHours have dropped drastically. There are many internal and external factors. The sector has not been able to invest in the last two years. Bursa is on the international road network. However, there is no rail connection. This is a great loss for Bursa. Gemlik port is developing day by day. The connection of railway, sea and highway and the establishment of a logistics base (Logistic Village) will make a great contribution to Bursa. National and international passenger transportation has not been successful in Bursa. But shipping is a very different situation. A Logistics Base or Logistics Village should be established in Bursa along with sea, rail and road. This will contribute a lot to Bursa. However, such investments should be made by allocating public space. Highway investments should continue and develop domestically. If necessary, new port investment or further growth of the Gemlik Port should be ensured. These will definitely contribute.'

Mehmet Aydın Kalyoncu (Owner of ADA BIRLIK TRANSPORT LTD. LTD):
'The heart of logistics will beat in Bursa'
'One of the most important problems faced by our industry is the difficulty in reflecting cost items, which constantly change throughout the year, to logistics costs. To give an example of this situation, we cannot reflect the changes in fuel prices, which change almost daily and affect 40 percent of the general costs, to the prices. Unfortunately, the sector cannot feel whether it is closing the day with profit or loss, as the figures that vary even during the day in the style of the stock market are not reflected in the freight. Apart from this, increasing inflation figures affect 60 percent of the general cost, while the bearable cost scale of the logistics companies traded in the stock market under the name of the fund company in the market leaves local and national logistics brands in a difficult situation. Global companies, on the other hand, cause contractions in the sector by causing unfair competition, as they can print their different materials in the income section. in logistics kazanç, as in all other sectors, will be by catching the release index by dominating the cost breakdown at micron levels. We continue to participate in all the affiliates about Bursa and Regional Air Cargo Transportation and Bursa Regional Logistics Village, which are burgeoning in Bursa, and as BTSO, we are a close follower of both issues. We believe that these and similar projects will contribute to both the transportation infrastructure and foreign trade operations in the region. Just as our country has a geopolitical importance on the world map, we see and know that our city Bursa has this geopolitical importance within the borders of Turkey in terms of logistics and operation. Bursa will be the logistics city of 10 years.'

Serkan Timur (Head of DHL Global Forwarding Transportation Division):
'It will provide great support to our industrialists'
'One of the most important problems of the sector in our region is trained labor force. In order to create employment in the logistics sector of our regional universities, opening logistics departments providing education in a foreign language is important for the employment source. The transportation modes used by Bursa due to its geographical location and sectoral needs are highway, seaway and airline, respectively. Road transport has a very large share especially in transportation to European countries. The option of cargo transportation by train to be provided to the Bursa region can seriously change this picture due to its cost advantage. With the rail transportation, our regional industrialists will have great cost and competitive advantage. In the coming years, competition in the logistics sector will be shaped around the investments that companies will make in electronic commerce. As the Internet penetrates every point of our daily lives, the needs of our customers are shaped accordingly. In addition to the classic transportation modes, companies that can provide end-to-end logistics services with added value services such as storage, customs clearance, distribution, stock management and adapt these services to electronic environment will make a difference in terms of both competition and profitability. With the opening of the Osmangazi bridge, Istanbul and Kocaeli The latest information we received is that the YHT investment has stopped due to technical reasons. The support of YHT investment in cargo transportation will provide great support to our industrialists due to its cost advantage. '

Mustafa Güney (LOGITRANS South Marmara Region Branch Manager):
'I don't think there will be an integrated logistics network in Bursa'
“The situation in our industry is not very encouraging at the moment. Industrialists in Bursa generally prefer highway and seaway. They make their urgent shipments by air, and their small shipments partially. Railroad work is very little because unfortunately there are no opportunities in Bursa to provide this. in logistics kazanThree is currently between 8-10 percent and rising costs are the main reason for this. Bursa is at a very key point in terms of transportation.
It is a great advantage for us carriers but unfortunately there is not a very good logistics investment. The existing ones are the services provided by logistics companies with their own means (warehouse, warehouse, etc.). I don't think there will be an integrated logistics network in Bursa. '

İbrahim Doğan (General Manager of ÖZDAĞLI Logistics):
'The logistics industry is going through a bad period'
'Logistics companies have been forced to stop their operations in Bursa for many years due to the fact that factories, namely producers, ruthlessly to decrease their freight (transportation) fees in the last decade and could not calculate their own costs well, they had to stop their activities for a long time. capital companies started to take this gap. Logistics sector is going through a bad period '

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