Countdown Begins at 3

Countdown has begun in 3.Airport: Heavy winter conditions 20 has led to a halt of construction close to the day, but the construction of the third airport was significant. 26 February 2018 will be cultivated at the airport. The runway and taxiways at 95 will be completed in summer.

1 for the inauguration of Istanbul New Airport (Third Airport) started counting from year to year. 26 is the birthday of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. While the winter conditions in the construction which are planned to be raised to February are disturbing the plans, the extra work and the daily loss of 20 are closed.

Elevators put in

While the 95 of the terminal building was completed, elevators and escalators were installed in some sections, and the facade and roof installation started. At the airport where the rough construction of the control tower is completed, the number one track is expected to end with all taxi routes, like May-June. Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of IGA Airports Construction, noted that this year's winter conditions had been more difficult than last year, so some jobs could not go at the speed they wanted. Akçayoğlu stated that 22 is working because of winter conditions at the airport construction. Kiş This number will increase towards the summer. We will increase the number of employees to 30 per thousand ın.

Glasses get stuck

Akçayoğlu stated that the airport continued its operations all over the terminal building and added, sürdürül We put the walking bands in the place where we first laid the foundation. We're putting in elevators and escalators. We are wearing the windows Cam. Akçayoğlu stated that they wanted to finish the rough construction of the terminal building as they wanted, and that they have poured concrete in 2.2 million cubic meters so far, and that this figure is very serious.

30 will increase to ten thousand

Yusuf Akçayoğlu, 26 2018 30 airport will be opened on the reminded of a narrow period, he said. Akçayoğlu said that they have done everything they can and will continue to do what they can and they will do so,, It is not easy to reach the number of XNUMX thousand employees. This is an unprecedented figure. We have a meeting every day. 'Where do we disrupt, where are we?' We talk about such issues. We will accelerate the work even more Çalış. Akçayoğlu, said they would increase the night shift.

More electricity than cities

Akçayoğlu emphasized that their targets were to alan close the building completely before the end of the year Hedef. In some places in September, Akçayoğlu stated that they would start testing in technical areas such as escalators and elevators. Akçayoğlu stated that they will energize the building like June and that Istanbul New Airport has 250 megawatt energy needs. Yusuf Akçayoğlu said, Yusuf This figure is higher than the total amount of energy consumed by many provinces. Our energy center is finished. 3 120 transformer was installed. total 250 megawatt need. Power transmission line is completed by TEIAS. We will energize the building like early June. Endir

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