Giant neighbors arrive at the third airport

Giant neighbors arrive at the third airport: there are no vacancies in Istanbul's fairs and cultural centers until 2016. The gospel came from the Metropolitan Mayor Topbaş: We are building a giant 'Fair Campus' and 'Congress Campus' next to the third airport.
Based on the congresses with more than 500 participants, Istanbul became the First World Congress Tourism in 2011, while it was announced that all the fairs and congress centers in the city were full until 2016.
While the demands for new fairs and congresses were not fulfilled due to lack of space, Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş gave the good news that would eliminate the deficiency of megakentin in this area. Topbaş, who made the opening of the Istanbul Furniture Fair, said that there is a rapid change and transformation in today's world and those who cannot catch this change and transformation will be satisfied with watching the successful ones. Turkey has managed it for 11 years, noted that changes in every area of ​​the development process and entered into Topbas, "Central and local governments are trying to build the future regardless of institutional bigotry of Turkey. We are working to make Istanbul an effective power in the world. ”
Topbaş gave the good news of the new project they were working on as follows: “We have a project to build an 'Fair Campus' on an area of ​​1.5 million square meters near the newly built airport in the north. In other words, we have a field study where those who come there can stay, spend time with their spouses and children, and do one or more fairs together. Likewise, we have a 'Congress Campus' project in that region. With these efforts, Istanbul will become both fair and convention center, which can compete with the world, but which is the number one and has no examples in the world.

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