Turkey's proof of the great betrayal

Turkey's proof of the great betrayal: December, then raised to the second wave, giant projects were targeted. It was revealed that the companies were prevented from obtaining loans and that projects were wanted to be stopped. It was aimed to delay the projects with the cautionary decisions for the businessmen who received the tender.
Turkey will survive the era projects are required to be blocked. The targeting of businessmen who carry out projects such as the third bridge that disturbs the international transportation giants and the third airport that will put airline companies in trouble reveals the real intention of the operations. While the names of the businesspeople put forward with the second wave, which started after the December 17 operation with the choice, were those who did these projects, it is aimed to prevent or delay the completion of the projects by preventing the assets.
Hüseyin Çelik, AK Party Deputy Chairman, said that the businessmen who built the third bridge and the third airport were the target. Çelik said: “I looked at the operation they call the second operation. You look at the people whose goods are tried to be put in place, or are somehow associated with a place, without exception, the team that will build the third airport or the team that will now build the third bridge. The third airport disturbed someone in Europe. If the third airport in the world, Istanbul's third airport, is over when Frankfurt's shoes are to be thrown, we have to stop and think. Did the state pay money to these businessmen while the tender of the third airport? No. These businessmen will build this airport with their own resources. They will pay the government 22 billion euros plus VAT. Only this is 80 billion TL. They will make an investment of about 10 billion. The public budget will receive this money. ”
Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek said: “There is an investigation announced on 23 December. Very interesting investigation. When we took a step to make a third airline of 150 million people, we were targeted at Gezi events and recent events. In this last investigation, as you know, a cautionary decision was taken about the businessmen entering the airport business. If this precautionary decision is not lifted, that airport construction will be seriously compromised. Such cases can be a barrier for credit access. ”
Turkey in recent years, transportation, infrastructure, energy and speed gave the mega projects in the field of defense. The giant moves particularly disturbed international lobbies. Some of the projects are as follows:
* Sinop Nuclear Land: 22 billion $
* Akkuyu Nuclear Land: 20 billion $
* Istanbul-Izmir Auto .: 16 billion $
* Attack Aircraft (JSF): 16 billion $
* Channel Istanbul: 15 billion dollars
* 3. Airport: 36.3 billion euros
* Marmaray: 5 billion dollars
* Haydarpasa Port: 5 billion dollars
* Ankara-Istanbul YHT: 4 billion $
* Sivas-Kars YHT: 4 billion dollars
* Ankara-Izmir YHT: 4 billion dollars
* 3. Bridge: 4.5 billion liras
* ATAK Helicopter: 3.3 billion dollars
* New type submarine: 2.7 billion $
* Ankara-Sivas YHT: 2.5 billion $
* Transport Aircraft: 1.7 billion dollars
* Eurasian Tunnel: 1.3 billion dollars
* Modernization of the M60: 687 million dollars
* Mine Hunting Ship: 625 million dollars
* Sea Hawk Marine Helicopter: 557 million dollars
* ALTAY National Tank: 500 million dollars.

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