Minister Arslan, TULOMSAS will become YHT

Minister Arslan, will become TULOMSAS YHT does: The contractor engineers and produced by workers and carrying first of its kind in Turkey TLM6V185 participating in the diesel engine introduction of Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, TÜLOMSAŞ High Speed ​​Train (YHT) said they would make do .

Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Eskisehir in Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry A.Ş. of (TÜLOMSAŞ) visited. The contractor produced by engineers and workers, such as bearing and power TLM6V185 be a first for Turkey Arslan Ministers attending the diesel engine promotion, mobilization of domestic production within the scope of an ambitious stance voiced TÜLOMSAŞ exhibits. Turkey is the world's 6th 8th European High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Armstrong pointed out that the country uses, "But we do not stop there. As part of this railway mobilization, we want to make every country our main corridors on the east, west, north and south axis. However, we want to be able to make YHTs that will be used in these lines not only by production, but also by ourselves. ” said. Expressing that TÜLOMSAŞ is always assertive, Minister Arslan said, “Not today. The Revolution car had also made its claim. The important thing is to believe. ” spoke in the form.

We will produce 16 YHT

Emphasizing that TÜLOMSAŞ has become an engine manufacturer in the railway sector, Minister Arslan said, “If the administration believes, if the worker believes, it remains to support us and do it. While the new 96 YHT set for him, especially in the context of industrial cooperation programs come to our country's technology, we have put yht'n related to our specifications made in Turkey. " used expressions. Adding that they will receive the top 20 of the YHT ordered from abroad, Arslan said, “Then stage, level, TÜLOMSAŞ will take more place in production and will make the last 16 itself one hundred percent. However, after we do not settle for this and become able to perform YHT, we will make the YHT, which has its prototype ready, both nationally and locally. We will not be content with using it in our country. We will export from our country to the geography we are in, even to all parts of the world. ” said.



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