Suspicion of Neglect in Deathly Train Accidents

Fatal Train Accident Neglect Suspicion: Balikesir, Adana, the truck driver who brought olives to the train at the level crossing as a result of the crash of the driver's company after the driver's officer, he said that the barriers are open.

The accident occurred in Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone in Sarıçam district 2 days ago. Üzeyr Melik (55) 10 H 8650 plate truck loaded with olives from Balıkesir and set out to come to Adana. Melik entered Adana in the morning at 05.00 and entered Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone at 05.30. Melik, while passing through the level crossing at the entrance of the industrial zone, allegedly lowered the barrier for the future of the train, but nevertheless, the train hit the middle of the truck that Melik used to pass through the level crossing. Impact of the impact of the truck about to drop off the 4 meter, the palm tree in the median struck and removed from the root. Driver Melik, the driver's seat jumped out of the passenger seat was trapped in the section.

Refusing the allegations that the barrier is closed, the olive company officer Guray Canoglu said the reason for the accident was the neglect of the train engineer or the officer controlling the barriers. Stating that the news in the media is not true, Canoğlu said, belli The photos there are also certain. It is clear that the barriers on one side are not damaged. If a truck forced there, the barrier would have toppled in that direction, but toppled over. The driver's family is a victim and our company is a victim. It is a separate problem that the security cameras that were there at that time have not been on record for days. ”

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