Superstructure Seminar in Rail Systems Held in KBU

📩 16/12/2018 16:00

A Superstructure Seminar on Rail Systems was organized at KBU: A "Superstructure Seminar on Rail Systems" was organized by Karabük University Rail Systems Club.

Arif Temiz, Assistant General Manager of Panel A.Ş., developed rail connection systems on rail and metro systems to the program realized at Hamit Çepni Conference Hall. Mining Engineer Mustafa Uçurum, Faculty of Engineering Rail Systems Engineering Program Assist. Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Emin Akay, Deputy Head of Department Asst. Assoc. Dr. Harun Cug, academics and students attended.

Veysel Güneri, Chairman of the Board of Rail Systems Club, made the opening speech of the seminar, which was held in order to contribute to the professional development of the students of the Faculty of Engineering. In his speech, Güneri stated that they planned 2016 activities in the 2017-28 academic year and stated that they were doing 30 activities in the fall semester of the previous year and that the studies on behalf of the department will continue.

KBU Rail Systems' goal is to produce new technologies

Speaking at the opening of the program, Faculty of Engineering Rail Systems Engineering Program Chair Asst. Assoc. Dr. In his speech, Mehmet Emin Akay thanked the managers of Panel A.Ş., one of the important organizations of the rail systems sector, for their participation. Akay said that the close dialogue between the universities that train people to the sector and the representatives of the sector and the employment providers is an important tool for the realization of education. As a result of this interaction, Assist. Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Emin Akay, not content with the added value they create, to produce new technologies to get patents and sell these products to other countries, such as entering the opening, he said.

Exports to 35 countries

Following the opening speeches, Üst Superstructure in Rail Systems Seminar et continued with the presentation of Panel Speaker Arif Temiz, Executive Vice President. Arif Temiz, Assistant General Manager of Panel A.Ş, exporting plastic based rail connection system for railway and subway systems to the country, gave information about Panel A.Ş and talked about his past experiences in railway works. When it comes to railways, superstructure, infrastructure, rail systems, wheel systems, wagons, such as a big world that contains many points in itself, today's railways of the world's first priority in every country, he said.

Rail Systems Department students are open

Arif Temiz congratulated the students for choosing the Department of Rail Systems Engineering, a department where the future of the sector is clear and bright. In his presentation, Temiz gave information about the superstructure, rail connection systems of the railways and the companies interested in these systems. Arif Temiz concluded his speech by pointing out the importance of a foreign language for students to pursue a career in the international arena.

The "Superstructure Seminar in Rail Systems" ended with a question and answer session with gift presentations.

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