Manisa Card Period Begins in Transportation

Manisa Card Period starts in transportation: The electronic card period 5 is officially implemented as of January in the buses which are being worked on by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality for a while. In the 17 district of Manisa, all public transportation vehicles have the opportunity to transport more quickly with the personalized Manisa cards.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, the citizens of the electronic card period in order to get the opportunity to reach more quickly, the official electronic card period is officially started throughout the province. With the help of personalized electronic cards, the citizens of Manisa receive the opportunity to get anywhere in the province. 5 MANULAS General Manager Mehmet Oluklu stated that the single card period will be started in 17 district of Manisa as of January. In addition to these works, we also renew our card reading devices in a way appropriate to the new system in all our public transportation vehicles. As of January, 5 officially begins the only card era of transportation X.

Manisa Card Will Save Time for Citizens

I Manisa Card is a multi-faceted design. In this sense, our citizens will be able to use both public transport and Manisa Card. It is available in many areas like this. In this sense, our citizens will be able to benefit from services more quickly with the Manisa Card. Bu

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