From APİKAM to little ones

Special for little ones from APİKAM: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has started a new education program for young generations to instill urban history and culture. The students who visit the City and Transportation Exhibition in APİKAM are told with stories in Izmir and they are also engaged in interactive workshops with workshops.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Piriştina City Archive (APİKAM) started the urban culture and history education for students. The program was appreciated by both students and teachers and parents.

Primary school 4. and 5. In the scope of the program prepared for the students of the class, the story is presented as a visual. Students then have the chance to recreate the urban history interactively with the workshop. Students who visit the City and Transportation Exhibition opened in APIKAM have the chance to learn the history and cultural accumulation of the city they live in better.

With the stories about the historical and cultural richnesses of Izmir, the children who want to participate in the program that aims to give awareness of the city they live in and who want to participate in the program aiming to instill urban awareness, will be able to call 293 39-11-01.

Within the scope of the training program, which is offered free of charge twice a week, themes such as the change and development of İzmir in history, Kemeraltı and its venues, Kadifekale and its cultural riches, Atatürk and İzmir. The program, which is prepared to tell children about the rich historical fabric of Izmir, contains different stories and workshops.

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