2016 thousand 884 TL penalty penalty in 520

2016 thousand 884 TL penalty was imposed on 520 vessels in the 8: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was responsible for the control of sea and air pollution by sea control with ild TC BEB kapsamında. he continued in. As a result of inspections and inspections in surface waters poured into the Gulf of Izmit, 2016 was fined 14 thousand 884 TL.


Metropolitan Municipality is known as the industrial city of Kocaeli on the one hand with environmental investments from the old ugly images, while on the other hand with the work of the sea and polluting the environment does not open the eyes. In this context, as in the previous year, the city is prevented from sea and air pollution by sea and air control works. Metropolitan Municipality Control and Control Planes belonging to the Department of Environmental Protection and Control, sea vessels, streams, coastal facilities and industrial facilities, checking the pollution caused by the elements that are detected, the necessary negativities are reported to land and maritime teams that carry out the audit activities.


All elements that cause pollution in the Gulf of Izmit are determined under the coordination of the technical staff of the Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department and the Metropolitan teams on the ground support the works when necessary. With the control boats named edil Liman Kontrol-8 dı and dı Reis Bey yıl, the seaplane named ler TC BEB ”has been deployed to 2016 times in 878 within the scope of airborne inspections and total 21 environmental negativity has been detected. 14 vessels were subject to a penalty of 884 thousand 520.


On the other hand, in order to determine the environmental impacts of point and distributed pollutant sources on the rivers and the creeks to the Izmit Bay, surface water quality monitoring from the creeks poured into the Gulf of Izmit continued to be carried out. In this context; determination of the quality of surface waters, classification, monitoring and protection of water quality and quantity, and determination of measures to achieve good water condition were provided. In addition, the negativity detected during the monitoring process was communicated to the relevant institutions and measures were taken.

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