How to prevent accidents in level crossings

How to prevent accidents in level crossings: It is unfortunate that even fatal or materially damaged accidents occurring on level crossings on TCDD lines have fallen despite all the measures taken. Aside from the material damaged accidents, the casualties that caused us to lose lives deeply hurt us all.

The Regulation on Measures and Implementation Principles to be Taken by the Ministry of Transportation in the Official Railroad Crossings of 03.07.2013 published in the Official Gazette No. 28696 and has entered into force has filled a significant legal gap in this field. TCDD also allocates a significant amount of financial resources and time to make the existing level crossings suitable for the relevant regulation, and the committees / committees established at the General Directorate of TCDD and regional directorates continue their activities uninterruptedly.

Some level crossings that are not in compliance with the regulations are intended to be closed with justified reasons, despite the alternative route being presented, they cause dissatisfaction with the citizens who use this road and even they are met with resistance. Most of these prints can not be successful as a result of the closing process can not be carried out and continue to be used in the level crossings are not appropriate.

According to the principles of the regulation, the ratio of crossings that do not carry level crossing qualifications and which are not compliant with the regulation is around 90. TCDD should not be left alone in the studies carried out in order to make this level of cross-section suitable for the regulation. It is unlikely that highway construction will be successful due to the fact that TCDD is outside of its specialization area. Although it is a duty assigned to the institution / organization to which the highway belongs, it is considered that they act a little slow in fulfilling their responsibilities, both at the intersection points of city roads and inter-city highways and rail lines. In the current situation, it is possible for the studies to be carried out more slowly than they should be carried out by TCDD.

The fact that some provincial or district municipalities do not want to approve projects prepared by TCDD often leads to the continuation of the current situation in the passageways where accidents occur and thus prepare the grounds for accidents.

Believing that we have made the situation determination, I would like to focus on the solution and put forward our suggestions after this point; The problem should be viewed on a macro scale and the establishment of an authorized board throughout the country and the projects that will produce optimal solutions to these problems should be put into operation. The projects to be prepared should include not only the elimination of a level crossing, but also the elements that will direct the traffic to the most appropriate points by taking into account the connection roads and eliminate as many levels as possible.

In this way, both members of the court will be prevented from going to the court doorstep by accusing them of both level crossing accidents and causing them to be killed / injured.

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