Five new bus routes to Gebze in the new year

Five new bus routes to Gebze in the new year: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is making new applications for citizens not having any problems in transportation. New routes are created for easy access from one point to another with local bus lines. In this context, five new bus routes were established in the Gebze district by the Department of Public Transport. The new routes will start at 1 January 2017.


In order to ensure that citizens living in the Yenikent neighborhood of Gebze district will be transported to the terminal and SGK, the line X İstasyon-Gebze X will be put into operation and the UM 403-Mutlukent-Gebze-Terminal ın sign will start on the renewed route. Route: Dicle Caddesi Station (Aytemiz Petrol Karşısı) Departure - Dicle Cad.- Rahmi Dibek Caddesi-Firat Cad.-Mutlukent Boulevard- 403 Sok.-Veysel Karani Cad.- Issikgol Cad.- Akse Sapagi -Ibrahimaga Cad.- Zubeyde Hanim Cad . -2406 Sok. (On Return Ilyasbey Cad. -Yeni Bagdat Cad.) Hukumet Cad. (Anibal Junction) -Anibal Cad. (Gebze Center Avm Intersection Above Bridge -1224 Sok. (TÜBİTAK -Terminal) arrival.


“Eskihisar - Gebze” line 404 was put into operation in order to provide the transportation of the citizens living in Gebze district, Beylikbağı, Yavuz Selim, Ulus, Hürriyet, Köşklüçeşme neighborhoods to the prison location - Hasköy Küçük Sanayi Sitesi. “404 - Beylikbağı - Gebze - Prison - Small Industry Site ”sign will work on its new route. Route: Ertuğrul Gazi Primary School Storage Area Departure - Mimar Sinan Cad. - Muammer Aksoy Cad. - Bosna Cad.- Ankara Cad. - 405/1 Sok. - Topal Osman Aga Cda. - Yaşar Doğu Cad. - Topçular Cad. - Yeni Bağdat Cad. - Terminal Cad. -1180 Sok. - Hasköy Sanayi Sitesi arrival.


The current route of the line 408, which is operating in the neighborhood of Gebze in the neighborhood of Barış neighborhood and Tatlıkuyu, has been reorganized in order to provide easy access to Eskihisar. Route: Eskihisar Ferry Port Departure - 3024 Sok. (On Return 3021 Sok.- Ferry Route) - Zeki Acar Cd.-Eskihisar Cad. -1493 / 1 Sok.-1493 / 2 Sok.-1819 Sok.- Contact Zeki Acar directly -Ahmet Pembegul Bulvari -Körfez Cad.-Ismet Pasa Cad.- Ilyasbey Cad.- Kavak Cad.- Bahar Cad.- Gencler Cad.-1966 Sok.-1969 Sok. -1976 / 1 Sok.- Gencler Cad. arrival.


In order to ensure that citizens living in Gebze district Beylikbağı, Yavuz Selim, Ulus and Hürriyet neighborhoods reach the New Courthouse, Mutlukent and SGK, line 412 registered as “Beşevler - Gebze” was updated and “412 Beylikbağı - Gebze - Adliye - Mutlukent - SGK” Created as. Route: Ertuğrul Gazi Primary School Departure- Mimar Sinan Cad.-Muammer Aksoy Cad.- Bosna Cad.- Fikri Altıokka Cad.-Ankara Cad. -Aşık Veysel Cad.- Vatan Cad.-306/3 Sok. -Yaşar Doğu Cad.-Topçular Cad. -New Bağdat Cad.-Doğan Cad. On the way back to İbrahimağa Cad. (Akse Sapağı) -Issıkgöl Cad.-Veysel Karani Cad. -2406 Sok. -Mutlukent Bulvarı- Fırat Cad.-Rahmi Dibek Cad.-Dicle Cad. arrival.


The current route of the line 421 has been redesigned in order to ensure the transportation of the citizens living in Hürriyet Neighborhood in Gebze District to Gebze Courthouse, Mevlana Mah., Gebze District Center, Fatih State Hospital and Marmaray Train Station with a single vehicle.

Route: Departure: Yavuz Selim Meydan - 2030 Sk.-2061 / 1 Sk.-2055 / 1 Sk. -2055 / 3 Sk.- 2055 Sk.-Yasa Cd.-Soma Mining Company. Cd.-Bahardere Cd.-868 Sk.-Y. Emre Cd.-Madenciler Cd-Sarikamis Martyrs- Erenler Cd.-Ozgur Cd.- Soma Maden Sht. CD. (Gebze Palace of Justice) -895 Sk.-891 Sk.-Ayyıldız Cd.- 892 Sk.-M. Aksoy Cd.-Ibrahimaga Cd.- Y. Bagdat Cd.- 611 Sk.- Ilyas Uzuner Cd.-Istasyon Cd.-Sht. Abdullah Horoz Cd.-Plevne Cd.-Esatbey Cd. -1444 Tank Toppers Storage Area. Return: Topçular Storage Area Departure - 1444 Sk.-Esatbey Cd.-Plevne Cd.-Sht. Abdullah Horoz Cd.-Istasyon Cd.-1458 Sk.-Istanbul Cd.-Ilyas Uzuner Cd.-Kadioglu Cd.-Yeni Bagdat Cd.-Ibrahim Aga Cd.-Muammer Aksoy Cd.-Bahar Dere Cd.-2055 / 1 Sk -2061 / 1 Sk.-2030 Sk.-Yavuz Selim Square.


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