Knitting on the Tram for Awareness

orgi orduler on the tram for awareness
orgi orduler on the tram for awareness

Under the coordination of TransportationPark A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, members of the Aydinlat Youth Platform for Tomorrow created awareness by knitting scarves, beanie and gloves on the tram for students who were studying in village schools and who were in poor financial condition within the scope of the project. The members of the platform who created awareness with the social responsibility project they realized in Akçaray met with great interest by the passengers. The members of the platform deliver scarves, scarfs and gloves that they knit to low-budget students who go to school, especially in rural areas.


The members of the Aydınlat Youth Platform will be able to make a name for themselves by signing many important projects since 2015 and preferred Akçaray in their latest project İl Ilmek İlmek Sevgi Öriyoruz proj. Young members who prefer tram, which is the symbol of the city for their meaningful project, made direct communication with many passengers and promoted their projects. Paltform member young people, the project aims to reach more people to receive financial support and with the support of more children from the cold to protect their education and training to contribute a little bit, he said.


Enlighten tomorrow, members of the Youth Platform, students who saw the knitting knitting experienced great astonishment. Later, when they heard why they were knitting, the passengers had moments of emotion. Some of the passengers took the skewers from the students' hands and knitted them themselves. Some of them will provide financial support by taking contact information. Passengers congratulated the young people for their meaningful behavior and congratulated them for having such a good thought.

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