Journey to death behind the tram in Bursa

Journey to the death behind the tram in Bursa: The children behind the tram in Bursa disregard their lives and bring the hearts to the mouths. Citizens, on the mobile phone to take the image of the response through social media shows.

The city is continuously rink in the city center in Bursa, which provides the city with the most popular public transport after the citizens of the Silkworm is shown by the street. Because of the high prices in transportation, children who cannot find the money to buy tickets travel by sitting on the tram bars. Last day from the Santral Garage Station, the rear of the tram to sit on the city tour of a child who saw the image of the hearts of the mouth brought. A citizen who watched the dangerous journey of the child with a mobile phone, then shared these images on social media and reacted not to take measures.

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