Five Days of Opening in Kala Eurasia Tunnel

Inside the Eurasia Tunnel Visible Five Days Before Opening: The inside of the Eurasia Tunnel was viewed five days before the opening of the Eurasia Tunnel. In the images, it is seen that the lighting and signaling work inside the tunnel is over.

In the images taken through the tunnel, the works are completely over and the lighting and signaling works have ended. There is a high capacity ventilation in the tunnel where modern lighting is used.

On the other hand, the last situation in the tunnel was viewed from air. In the aerial images, the roads leading to the tunnel seem to end.

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  1. What's going on with M5?

    No news came from the M5.

    Will this be opened this month?

  2. The Eurasian tuner 8 came in the month, M5 1 or more will arrive late. Their priorities became clear, and very bad. Metro can carry a lot more people, but they are far more important for motorways. very stupid.