UTIKAD Board of Directors has visited Turkish General Manager Bilal Ekşiyi

UTIKAD Board of Directors visited Bilal Ekşi, General Manager of THY: Emre Eldener, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Providers, Cavit Uğur, Members of the UTIKAD Board of Directors and General Manager, and Turkish Airlines General Manager Bilal Ekşi at his office. Expressing their wishes for success to Bilal Ekşi, who was appointed as the General Manager of THY, the UTİKAD Delegation conveyed their evaluations on air transport and THY Cargo on behalf of the logistics sector and air cargo agencies.

Some structural changes will be made as the institution THY General Manager Ekşi, recently planned to make a workshop with air cargo agents said. THY General Manager Ekşi, UTİKAD'dan development areas of the sector, problems and proposed solutions to a report prepared.

Within the scope of the visit, Emre Eldener, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTIKAD, demanded that the rent of the offices used by UTIKAD member air cargo agencies at the Atatürk Airport will be converted to TL at an appropriate exchange rate after the recent foreign exchange increase.

International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association Emre Eldener, Vice President Turgut Erkeskin and Nil Tunaşar, UTİKAD Board of Directors Members and General Manager Cavit Uğur'dan UTİKAD Delegation, on Tuesday, December 2007 appointed General Director of Turkish Airlines Bilal Eksi ' to visit 'get better' and in this context, the General Manager Ekşi with sector-related issues found the opportunity to meet face to face.

During the visit, which was held at the Turkish Airlines Headquarters, the current situation of the logistics sector regarding air transport and Turkish Cargo was evaluated. UTIKAD Management, which states that the relations of air cargo agencies with THY Cargo should be developed on a stronger ground, also gave information about the IATA and the IFACP (IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program) program signed by FIATA.

Emre Eldener, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTİKAD, also stated that the necessary updates and improvements to ensure the expected efficiency should be realized as soon as possible, emphasizing the disruptions in the daily operations related to the Cargo Operations Management and Information System (COMIS) used by THY Kargo.

UTİKAD President Eldener stated that the rent of the offices used by UTIKAD member air cargo agencies in the Turkish Airlines Cargo facilities at Atatürk Airport is being paid in US Dollars. request.

Listening to the issues addressed by the UTİKAD Delegation one by one, THY General Manager Bilal Ekşi said that they would soon change the structure and that they were planning to take the lead in resolving the problems with the beginning of THY Deputy General Manager Turhan Özen in charge of the newly appointed cargo. Mr. Turan Özen, who was appointed as the Deputy General Manager of Turkish Airlines, stated that he came from the private sector and that he had significant experience in the logistics sector. Bilal Ekşi stated that the relations between Turkish Cargo and Air Freight agents would be improved and they would approach a more customer-oriented approach. Following the start of Özen's duty, THY General Manager Ekşi stated that a workshop was planned with air cargo agencies.

Ekin stated that air cargo agencies would negotiate with the General Directorate of State Airports to convert office rents paid in US Dollars to TL and that they would try to produce a solution on this issue.

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