Izmir's new metro trains commenced service (Photo Gallery)

Izmir's new metro trains were put into service: 240 million pounds investment in the 95 5 vehicles with the reinforcement of the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, the new cars 182 launched the first train set of wagonets next time. Metro staff greeted the first passengers of the new train with flowers. Izmir people, "yacht concept" different design with the subway car gave full marks. The new trains, which have the automatic door system applied for the first time in the world, provide a quiet and smooth ride due to the rubber material between the wheels. İzmir Metro will be the owner of a huge fleet of XNUMX vehicles at the end of March with the production of new sets going on in China.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is strengthening the vehicle fleet of Izmir Metro, which has an ever-increasing number of passengers, with new purchases. The first train set, which started production in China in March 2015 and 15 of which came to the city, passed the test phase and came into service. The 11-car set, which passed static and dynamic controls and 5 separate tests, was offered to the residents of Izmir for the first time with the completion of the 1000-kilometer test drive process. The first passengers of the new vehicles that stand out with their different design and comfort special to İzmir are Metro A.Ş. was greeted by the staff with flowers.

Special design for the sea city Izmir

“Yacht concept” came to the fore in new trains designed with the inspiration of the fact that İzmir is a sea city. The vehicles, in which special materials with wooden appearance and bright metal are used together, were appreciated by the passengers with their glittering appearance.

The entire vehicle fleet of İzmir Metro, worth 240 million TL, will be received in March 2017. Thus, the number of vehicles in the Metro will increase to 182.

High level of security technology

The new vehicles of İzmir Metro come to the forefront with the features applied for the first time in our country. In new sets, each door has special systems that calculate the number of passengers. Thanks to Passenger Counting System (YSS), Traffic Control Center can see the occupancy rates of the wagons. Another innovation in the new sets is called the ğ Light Curtain Yeni. This curtain is activated immediately before the doors are closed to see if there is any object in between, and according to the incoming data, the door is commanded. The system is important not only for our country, but also for the first time in the world by IFE (Automatic Door Systems). Another innovation is the light strips located in the door windowpanes. The strips are easily visible from the inside or outside by the passengers and warns the passenger whether the door is out of use or not. This prevents unnecessary time losses on the doors. The rubber material between the wheels of the new trains provides a quiet and smooth ride.

45, which has already increased the number of vehicles in the fleet from 87 to 95, will be the owner of a huge fleet of 182 vehicles.

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