2017 budget of Istanbul Metropolitan 42 billion liras

2017 budget of Istanbul Metropolitan is 42 billion liras: Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who presented the 42 billion lira 2017 Consolidated Budget of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to the Municipal Assembly, “We want Istanbul to be 'the most'. Let it be number one in everything. ”


Councilor appeal to Mayor Kadir Topbaş, the country's economy as the world's 117, 123 as the country's large population of each job, which he held in Istanbul, Turkey, and be an example to the world, he said. "The services we do it together with you to Turkey, or even pose model for the world," said Kadir Topbas, the Istanbul municipality understanding of the service that made sense, he said carries a much higher level.

IMM as the economic troubles of the past years, and despite the treacherous coup attempt occurred on July 15, they draw attention to the investments continued unabated Topbaş, "on July 15, citizens were not given the opportunity dimming the future of Turkey. Thank goodness it's left behind. A different process is starting now. as the Republic of Turkey have our epic heroism. If we can continue our cooperation on July 15, we will go to the future with confident steps. Due to these problems in our country, we have increased our consolidated budget by 10 percent this year even though there was a 15 percent income contraction. Because of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and offer as a serious contribution to Turkey's economic growth, "he said.

“As mayors, we have to think like businessmen and CEOs. We have to present opportunities for this, ”said Topbaş.“ We have to improve ourselves. We do not want to 'give money take' Let us do it, we have innovation studies. We want Istanbul to be the 'most'. Let it be number one in everything. I don't want to be an ordinary mayor. I want to add value to this city. I think how effective I will make in the race. ”


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's 2017 year, 42 billion pounds, 18,5 billion pounds in their own budget, stated that they set the Topbas, consolidated budget, while investing 16,5 billion pounds underlined that they are separated. Istanbul 12 95 invested a total of £ 1 billion in the year underlining that they make Topbaş, 2017 117 billion dollars in the end of the year will find the amount of investment in the city, he said.

one-fourth of the total investments in Turkey, emphasizing that alone makes IMM Topbas, said; "Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul and is a very important power to offer such a contribution to the development of Turkey. This is the case even though we host more than a thousand Syrian refugees in 600, which overturned plans and budgets to Istanbul. In 2017, we allocated the 43 of our budget for transportation investments. It is our primary investment in transportation and access.


Stating that investments such as Marmaray, Yavuz Sultan Yelim Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel and 3rd Airport are mega transportation investments that bring Istanbul to world standards, Mayor Kadir Topbaş said, “The rail system investments are the most important investments that will provide access, not transportation in Istanbul, and lead us to success in this field. . Not even opening it recently Kadıköy- We put Pendik-Kaynarca Metro, which is the continuation of the Eagle Metro, into service. The construction of 82 kilometers of metro continues. The 80 km rail system has reached the tender stage. The measure of civilization of a city depends on the rate of people in that city using public transportation. If there is safe, healthy, fast and comfortable access, citizens prefer. Here we make the most advanced technology subways in the world. We will reach our 2019-kilometer target in 400 with the subways made by the Ministry of Transport. Our ultimate rail system target in Istanbul is a thousand kilometers… ”

Under construction Kabataş Expressing that the Transfer Center is a very important investment that integrates many subways and sea transportation, Kadir Topbaş said that Üsküdar will pass under the sea.Kabataş He said that the pedestrian crossing project has been completed and that it has reached the tender stage. Stating that there will be walking bands on the 2-kilometer passage and that you can also pass by bicycle, Mayor Topbaş stated that they will make a subway that goes under the beach from Beşiktaş to Sarıyer and from Üsküdar to Beykoz.

Completely IMB budget 3 tunnel by making the way to Istanbul to reminded Topbas, now the 17 tunnel road will do more well. Before the local elections, the Haliç-Unkapanı Tunnel, which was announced before the tender, came to the tender stage and said that the tunnel that will bring the water of the Golden Horn to the water of the Golden Horn is removed, as well as ecologically important.


Uskudar, Aksaray, Besiktas, Kadıköy Explaining that the square arrangement activities such as Beyazıt and Beyazıt will accelerate in 2017 and the traffic in Levent will be underground, Topbaş stated that they have prepared a 2-meter walkway project on the poles, 10 meters of bicycle paths on the coastline from Karaköy to the last bridge in Haliç. Stating that they will make an ecological bridge from this bridge to the opposite shore from the point where the previous Galata Bridge was connected, Topbaş continued his words as follows;

“You will walk across the lawns. Leonardo Da Vinci designed the Golden Horn for the Golden Horn. With these projects, walking to the end of the Golden Horn, tourist trip, the opportunity to take photos. The ecological bridge will be a first. Since we can bloom on the walls, I think we can achieve this. Larda


500 will bring new buses to Istanbul, it is at the stage of receiving 375, adding 125 to the fleet will be added to the 500'e Topbas, Istanbul's youngest and most modern bus fleet in Europe, he said. By taking the new electric bus from 200, Topbaş stated that they will serve with electric buses in the Historic Peninsula and said, hizmet We will go on step by step with renewable energy buses. K

Until today 30 76 car park they do, indicating that the construction of the 74 car park continued Topbas, previously announced that they will implement the project deed parking. As part of the efforts to make the sea more active in the sea along the Bosphorus, they will take smaller and faster vessels for sea voyages, and they do a study to accelerate the descent from the hills to the coast. Topbaş said, 11 2,5 30 5 XNUMX XNUMX

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