Investor's invitation to Izmir

İzmir invitation to the investor: 20. The Enterprise and Business Summit was held in Izmir. In his opening speech, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu said “I invite you to invest in the city that will host the best, Izmir, no matter what sector you are in. Here, there is a different understanding of municipalism that attaches great importance to local development, participatory democracy, reason and science, and rational financial management ”. Mayor Kocaoğlu also defined İzmir as "a city that does not compromise on its lifestyle, has red lines and protects them to the end".

24 federation in Turkey, local and sectoral associations 186 to 24 thousand members under the same roof the business people of Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED) 20. The Initiative and Business Summit was held in Izmir, hosted by the Western Anatolia Federation of Industrialists and Businessmen's Associations (BASİFED). Tansan Basaran Symes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TUSIAD and Chairman of the Board of Directors of TURKONFED Tarkan Kadooglu also participated in the summit.
Speaking on the second day of the summit held at Kaya İzmir Thermal Hotel, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu drew a portrait of İzmir for the participants. Mayor Kocaoğlu, who defines Izmir as "a city that has a human, cosmopolitan structure, does not compromise on its lifestyle, has red lines and protects them to the end," said: he did not come out to the street action, we are talking about the number one city will never accept the imposition by Turkey. “The role of our women who migrated to the city and adapted to the culture and identity of the city is also great”.

Different understanding of municipality in Izmir
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that they started a different understanding of municipality in İzmir and that the most important pillar of this is the works they carry out with the goal of local development. Stating that they attach great importance to participatory democracy, studies guiding reason and science and rational financial management, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “We are working for the development of the city with its own dynamics and power. We proved this with numbers in 12 years. This success does not belong to me but to the city dwellers, opinion leaders of Izmir, industrialists, businessmen, universities, in short the whole city. "We just tried to lead," he said.

We've invested more than the government
Mayor Kocaoğlu said that being a power in the local community is a good thing, but different political point of view with political power brings with it various handicaps.
“I have been living this for 12 years, feeling every moment. However, our study of Turkey's most indebted municipal finance have become the most powerful municipalities. Apart from the money given by the laws of the Republic of Turkey we have not received even one lira. When you look at the real investment figures, we have made more investments than the central government's investments in İzmir, albeit by a narrow margin. Our financial policy is truly admirable. The credit rating of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is AAA. You know very well what this means. "

14.5 billion pounds investment
Mayor Kocaoğlu pointed out that as İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, they provide all the necessary support for the development of the city in the industrial, trade, agriculture, tourism, service, culture-art sectors and that they have made significant infrastructure investments, Mayor Kocaoğlu called on the business world to invest in İzmir. Mayor Kocaoğlu completed his speech as follows:
“Izmir Metropolitan Municipality invested 2004 billion lira in the city in the period of 2009-2, 2009 billion lira in 2014-4.5 and 2014 billion lira in three years since 5. By 2019, this figure will increase to 8 billion. We make great efforts to invest in infrastructure for the development of İzmir. I invite you to invest in the city that will host you the best, Izmir and the Aegean Region, regardless of your sector or business field. No matter where you come from in the world, it will not be a stranger, and you will join the magical atmosphere of Izmir. "

It took two days

At the summit attended by 100 companies, participating companies promoted their companies with the stands they opened. On the first day of the summit, sessions titled "Trade Bridge" and "Political and Economic Agenda" were held. On the second day of the summit, a panel on "Family Companies as Global Players" was held. Journalist Nedim panel Attila manages the European Investment Bank Turkey Representative Massimo D'Eufemia, London Stock Exchange Elite Program Executive Chairman Luca Peyrano Yasar Holding Vice Chairman Feyhan Inci Holding Board Member Yasar joined as Perihan Pearl speaker.

İZSİAD President Hasan Küçükkurt presented a plaque of appreciation to Mayor Kocaoğlu, who attended the summit.

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