Izmir residents understood the value of Izban

The people of İzmir understood the value of İzban: When the collective bargaining agreement between İZBAN A.Ş and Railroad-İş Union could not be reached, İZBAN employees went on strike. The İZBAN strike, which carried 300 thousand people a day, ended with the Aliağa Cumaovası expeditions, which started yesterday at 8 am, after the agreement was reached after 05.40 days. The moments when a citizen was longing for a seat in İZBAN made those who saw him laugh. During the strike, the citizen used to pass his longing for İZBAN by hugging and kissing.

TCDD, which operates the suburban transportation between Aliağa and Torbalı in İzmir, and İZBAN A.Ş., a joint company of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. staff had decided to strike. The strike, which lasted for 8 days, ended with the agreement of the parties. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that the strike that continued for a while at İZBAN was concluded with the parties reaching an agreement.

Nurse Cansu Kurşun said I was very happy that the İZBAN flights started again and that I was coming in half an hour at the 1,5 hour, a decision that had to be taken earlier was a little late. I'm nursing, I'm late for work, I got up early in the morning, I was going home late and I'm happy now.

Erdi Akyıldız, on the other hand, had great difficulty during the strike. The strike was so unnecessary, I am glad it resolved immediately. Since my work place was in the opposite direction, I had to come here from Konak district. We were having problems in traffic. IZBAN said, `` I'm glad he came back. The citizen named Ferhat Koç, transportation was very difficult, we would have difficulties without İZBAN. He said that we understood the value of İZBAN as the people of İzmir.

Pelin Hamide and Ayhan Baskıcı also stated that they had difficulties in traffic with the child and that they were relieved with the start of İZBAN flights. The citizen named Hamza Değer, on the other hand, was good that İZBAN was opened, people had a hard time, people went to work in 2-3 hours, they did not catch up. He said that the problem was overcome very well.




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