India train crash at least 90 dead

Train accident in India is at least 90 dead: In India, a new one has been added to the frequent fatal train accidents in recent years due to the old rail network and inadequate modernization efforts. The high-speed train that makes the Patna-Indore expedition in the state of Uttar Pradesh, local times 03.10 He was overthrown near Pukharayan city, at least 90 people died in the accident, there are more than 150 injured. Railway official Anil Saxena from Capital New Delhi announced that many passengers were stuck.

While it is not yet known why the wagons are derailed, the total number of 14 wagons has been derailed, including the death toll of India's local media. The first statement from the Indian Ministry of Transport said that the most strict steps will be taken against those responsible.

Indian Interior Minister Rajnath Singh stated that the national disaster groups were dispatched instead of the accident that was derailed by the overthrow of the express train near Kanpuroch and the rescue efforts were continued. The Indian newspapers reported that there were hundreds of police officers and several ambulances at the scene of the accident.

It was learned that most of the deceased were in the two wagons next to the engine that was damaged and turned upside down. Search-and-rescue personnel arriving at the scene use heavy machines to cut wagons, remove dead bodies, and rescue survivors.

For his part, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he cannot express his sorrow by words.



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