Citizens are in danger to reach the New Ankara YHT Station

📩 12/12/2018 18:22

Citizens are in danger to reach the New Ankara YHT Station: 29 The new YHT station opened in October, is located in Celal Bayar Boulevard, because of the lack of upper and lower passageways, citizens are crossing the road among the fast-moving vehicles. Ankara, "Master or underpass is a must," he says.

In Ankara, the opening of the new High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) Station in October 29 in front of the road across the road to the death of citizens working in the nose. Due to the lack of any overhead or underpass at Celal Bayar Boulevard, where YHT Train Station is located as the prestige project of the capital, there is a hard time for the citizens who are jumping into the fast moving vehicles. Those who arrive at the Ankara Train Station using the underpass to the Tandogan Grand Bazaar before the construction of the YHT Station are trying to cross the Celal Bayar Boulevard as the subway is closed together with the new project.


Those who try to cross the boulevard where there are heavy traffic at all hours of the day have to wait for minutes on the side of the road or in the middle center. Salih Aksoylu, who voiced the urgent need for an overpass before the YHT Station, said, Sal It is not right to leave such a beautiful project missing. The overpass should have been done while the station was on. Those who come out of the guard or who try to catch the train are crossing among the cars going by themselves. Ilmaz It would be inevitable to experience sad accidents if a solution like the upper or lower passage is not urgently brought before the YHT Station Y.

Those who want to reach the YHT Station by using Ankaray and in the part of the Ankaragücü facilities with public transportation, those who descend are forced to cross the Celal Bayar Boulevard.

Before the Ankara YHT Station was built, citizens were crossing the Celal Bayar Boulevard using the Tandogan Grand Bazaar Underpass.


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