Secheron visited TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞI with DeSA

📩 12/12/2018 18:22

Secheron company visited TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞI with DeSA: Secheron company representative DeSA Şti. and TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞI.

During the meeting, MODBOX was introduced in the scope of Secheron products with the MACS cutter and other components mounted on the roof of the vehicle.

It is explained that the design can be done if the following components to be put into MODBOX with the roof dimensions of all rail system vehicles such as Locomotives and EMUs to be produced in the promotion;

  1. Speed ​​Breaker
  2. Contactors
  3. Contactor switch
  4. Disconnekt is
  5. Roof and Grounding switches
  6. Current and Voltage sensors
  7. Like Surge Arrestor.

    In particular, Secheron has emphasized that this product is preferred due to the added value it adds to the customer as summarized below and to the rail system produced.
    It is explained that MODBOXs which are produced according to more than 1000 standards are used in EMUs and they are used effectively and they prove themselves with their references.

    When introducing MODBOX the benefits are mentioned in the following headings:
    1.Car roof and base chassis will not be reduced and cost will decrease because the chassis will be treated less

  8. Technical staff will be contacted by only one manufacturer instead of all component manufacturers,
  9. There will also be many component manufacturers instead of a supply supplier.
  10. To keep a modbox backup instead of stocking many materials in terms of logistics,
    5. Plug-and-play which will shorten the installation and installation operating time,
    7.Outdoor components that are exposed to all external environmental factors are taken into a closed box.
    8.Decreation of the train will be prevented from being removed from the voyage as soon as possible.
    9.It will be reduced the height of the material (height of gauge) of the roof.
    10.The risk of danger and accident will be lifted as there will be no electricity leaks on the roof of the vehicle.
    11. It is stated that there are many advantages such as reducing the weight and protecting the components against environmental conditions.

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