ATLAS Award Will Be Exported This Year

ATLAS Award Will Be Given To Exporters This Year: The excitement of Atlas Logistics Awards has reached its peak. After the applications close on November 4, the award kazanmoments will be determined and the 'Atlas' of the sector will be crowned for the 17th time at the award ceremony to be held on November 7.
2016 was the first in the year to win the 'Logistics Award' and the players of the foreign trade world will be able to have the Atlas this year. Fatih Şener, Member of the Executive Committee of the Atlas Logistics Awards and the CEO of the International Transporters Association said, iş In this branch, we expect the international carriers to nominate the export companies that they deem worthy of the award. As a result of these evaluations, these companies will be rewarded for their contributions to the logistics sector. We must nominate successful exporters who develop long-term and lasting collaborations in our members' logistics relations for this award lojistik.
Şener also said, “Atlas Awards have been carefully evaluating and rewarding organizations in the logistics sector for years. If we want development, we must find good examples and bring them to the public display. Many companies from the sector have the qualifications to receive the award, but first of all, it is necessary to apply to bring the Atlas award to the showcase. We expect all carriers operating with L2, L1, R2, R1, N2, M2, P2 certificates, especially C2, to be candidates. Organizations of all sizes, small and large, that have been successful will receive this award. kazanyeast is a candidate. While an extremely objective evaluation is made in Atlas awards, performance data comes to the fore and medium-sized companies that are growing are also rewarded. kazanHe made a call to the entire Logistics sector by saying;
”Join, Select, Choose!“.
Logistics Awards 2016 corporate application and online voting processes is done through the address. All application processes are free.

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