100 Billion Dollars Turkish Logistics Sector Entered 2021 Hopefully

Entered billion dollar Turk logistics sector with hope
Entered billion dollar Turk logistics sector with hope

Every day about 450 thousand trucks FTL (Full Truck Load) in Turkey, where the transportation is performed, the number of trucks on the road around 856 thousand. 1,2 Million SRC Certified truck drivers eat their bread directly from their truck. In our country, where 90% of the goods are transported by highways, the freight fee returning in one day in the transportation sector is over 1 billion TL. During the pandemic in 2020, the logistics industry experienced busy days. The $ 100 billion Turkish logistics industry entered 2021 with hopes.

The logistics industry is having busy days

Noting that the Turkish logistics sector was very active in the pandemic last year, TTT Global Group Chairman of the Board Dr. Akın Arslan said the following:

"In the past year, which is an important production base located next to Europe and Turkey, food and a strong upward momentum caught up with increasing logistics performance in the domestic market and international market demand, especially hygiene. At the same time e-commerce in total retail market, as well as all over the world making huge attack within the last year in Turkey two times more than growth and to reach 2%, the logistics industry both FTL, both animate fairly in terms of cargo traffic. Retail chains with thousands of branches focused on virtual stores and home service. As homes turned into offices and homes, consumption was also triggered. e-commerce channels in Turkey 15% compared to last year, virtual grocery shopping has grown over 150%, and the expected growth in e-commerce market was held only 250 months to 5 years. As a result of all these developments, the logistics sector is going through busy days in the pandemic. 11 is expected a significant increase in road transport in Turkey. The exponential growth of e-commerce compared to the previous year will trigger this increase. Now, manufacturers want to monitor the entire transportation journey of the goods they send to their customers, to be able to have real-time, location-based control over the download-unloading processes, and to receive live reports. They are waiting to confirm the reliability of the truckers to which they deliver the cargo. They expect to be informed and pre-emptive without any problems during the transportation process. At this point, the Turkish logistics technologies startup TIRPORT, which attracts the attention of the world with its digital solutions supported by enhanced intelligence, is leading the end-to-end digital transformation of the logistics industry in our country and globally.

World trade will double in 30 years, production of goods will reach 2 trillion dollars

Explaining how vital the logistics industry is in the world in the pandemic, TTT Global President Dr. Akın Arslan continued his speech as follows:

“The world was caught unprepared for Covid-19. In order for life to fit into the house, it was inevitable that someone would continue to produce and the trucks were on the roads. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO) data; Global goods production was around $ 2019 trillion, down 2.8% in 18.9. In 2020, this figure dropped a little further and was around $ 18 trillion. The world economy is expected to rebound and grow 2021% in 5. Goods produced in a part of the world can reach their customers by traveling an average of 6.500-7.000 kilometers under international trade conditions. Access to quality markets will become much more important in the coming years. World trade is expected to grow at least 30 times and goods production to reach 2 trillion dollars in 40 years. 1/3 of the trade in the world is somehow related to logistics. If you cannot deliver the goods you produce on time in accordance with the expectations of the customer, there is no point in producing it. The basis of the supply system is the continuity and sustainability of the supply. 99% of trade is logistics. Logistics costs (including transportation and storage) in international trade can sometimes rise up to 60% of the product cost. It is around 20-25% in many products. Therefore, the logistics sector will increase its vital importance in the upcoming period. As a matter of fact, the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines alone has created a great excitement in the sector. Covis-19 vaccines paved the way for a new commercial movement of up to 1 trillion dollars, in which cold chain storage and transportation costs will be realized as close to 40% ”.

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