UTİKAD Requested Mask and Protective Material for Logistics Workers

utikad has requested a mask and protective material for logistics workers
utikad has requested a mask and protective material for logistics workers

📩 18/04/2020 10:19

During the COVID-19 epidemic process, various measures are taken by both public institutions and organizations and private sector representatives in order to eliminate all possible risks and protect the process in a controlled manner.

At the beginning of these measures is the supply of masks that have been keeping the agenda for a long time as much as the social distance. Transportation and logistics sector is one of the sectors that are adversely affected by the epidemic and still continues their work. UTİKAD, taking action by seeing this difficulty in the sector, requested a mask and protective material with the letter it sent to the Turkish Presidency.

On 31 March 2020, an announcement was made by the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, titled “COVID-19 Precautions at Airports”. In the announcement, it was stated that there should be at least twice the flight crew on cargo flights, and personal protective equipment including a medical mask and N95 / FFP2 mask.

In the Circular on “International Freight Transport” published by the General Directorate of Provincial Administration of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey on April 9, 2020; It was announced that Turkish drivers who will leave from our country should have a mask, disinfectant, food for a long time when they arrive at the exit door, they should contact the drivers in their destination countries and along the route without any contact, maintaining the social distance, and returning their cargo without wasting time.

It is clearly stated in the published notices / circulars and notifications that the personnel employed in these sectors must continue to work even if curfew is imposed because the services provided in the logistics sector are considered essential.

However, as it has been on our country's agenda recently, it has been observed that logistics companies also have difficulty in finding masks and protective materials. At this point, UTİKAD informed this sensitive issue in the sector in writing to the Deputy President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Fuat Oktay, as well as the Ministries of Health, Trade, Interior, Transport and Infrastructure. In the prepared article; “Since the possession of the mask required in the notifications / circulars and notifications published in this critical and uncertain period in which our country is located, within the scope of security measures, all logistics, especially drivers and flight personnel, working in the logistics operations at the workplace and / or on the field, ensure the continuation of the logistics flows. sector

“The provision of masks and protective materials for free of charge for their employees, determining the institutions that can be provided with masks for a fee if this is not possible, and ensuring that logistic companies can provide masks and protective materials”.

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