THY, 3. tender for the construction of a special terminal at the airport

THY, 3. TY made a tender for the construction of a special terminal at the airport.
3 under construction. Developments continue at the airport. Flag carrier airline Turkish Airlines (THY) has been awarded the tender for the design and consultancy services of the company-specific facilities and the ground drilling and survey of the facilities at Istanbul New Airport. THY announced the conditions it was looking for in the willing companies to participate in the tender.
90 will be the largest airport in the world with the end of 30 million passenger capacity of the first phase of the 2 completed in the first stage of the first stage for the first phase 2018 billion was spent. 200 more than 350 flight will take place with the capacity of more than one million passengers will provide new employment opportunities in Istanbul New Airport, which will make the most flights to Turkish Airlines has also accelerated the work. went to the tender. In addition, Turkish Airlines (THY) has been auctioned out for the construction of ground drilling and survey services for its facilities.
Turkish Airlines, 650 thousand square meters indoor construction site for the airport opening day capacity within the scope of the project in the Aircraft Maintenance Hangars, Cargo Terminal, In-flight Catering Facilities, Ground Handling Equipment Maintenance Facilities and Ground Services Fuel Station, Operation Offices (Flight Operations, Ground Operations, Ground Handling Services, Operation Control Centers, Flight Personnel Terminal, THY Air Side Transition Facility and Terminal Support Units (Cargo Fast-Delivery Base, ULD Warehouse and Maintenance Area, In-Air Product Storage and Line Maintenance Hangar) facilities will be located.
THY tender firms in the tender in the tender for the bid to be the architectural design firms registered in the relevant authorities should be specified in the tender announcement. The planning, design and consultancy services of the architectural firm's business volume (turnover) of the average of the last three years or the last year should be a minimum of five million euros were among the items in the announcement. If the tenderer is not a single company and wishes to bid by establishing a business partnership provided that it is formed by at most two real or legal persons; as a pilot partner, it was announced that the business volume (turnover) of planning, design and consultancy services should be at least three million euros in the last three years or in the last year. The documents to be prepared were requested to be delivered by 6 September 2016 Tuesday at the latest.



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