38 Kayseri

Erciyes A.Ş. Chairman of the Board Murat Cahit Cıngı

Erciyes Inc. Murat Cahit Cıngı, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that the stones were broken on Mount Erciyes and the land was made suitable for agriculture and they started germination works and said, “We will leave a greener Erciyes to the future generations”. “Erciyes Ski and Summer Tourism [more…]


Urfaya rail system coming

The Urfaya rail system is coming: The first concrete step was taken for the rail system, which the people of Sanliurfa are eagerly waiting for. Well, will a rail system come to Urfa? Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi was given important authority! Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat [more…]


MOTAŞ Zam ​​Date postponed

MOTAŞ raise date has been postponed: One of the issues that frequently came up on social media after the coup attempt was the planned hikes in bread and bus fares. While the price of bread will increase to 1 TL, the bus fares will be increased. [more…]

16 Bursa

Uludağ will be a favorite of tourism in summer.

In the summer months will be reviewed in Uludag tourism Uludağ, one of Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter, now in summer with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's investment has become a center of attraction. With the aim of increasing the share of Bursa's tourism cake, [more…]


Local trams landed on the rails in Kayseri

Local trams in Kayseri are on the tracks:Bozankaya 2 percent locally produced trams purchased from the company were put on the rails by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik. Stating that they will put XNUMX local trams into service every month, President Çelik, [more…]


RayHaber 09.08.2016 Tender Bulletin

Sarıkamış station building and service houses will be prepared for Survey, Restoration, Restitution, Mechanical and Electrical Projects. Tree Cutting, Pruning and Maintenance Service will be taken. Sayding will be done.Halkalı Metro Construction [more…]


He couldn't tell if the road was over

He could not understand that the road was over, he entered the train track 3 injured: The driver, who could not understand that the road was over in Uşak, plunged into the railway, 3 people were injured in the accident. According to the information obtained, people who do not understand that the road is finished in Fatih District Alparslan Street at 04:00 in the morning in Uşak [more…]

20 Denizli

Denizli cable car line 5 closed the day

Denizli cable car line is closed for 5 days: The cable car, which started to serve in Denizli's Bağbaşı Plateau last year, will not work for 5 days due to maintenance. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality made a written statement. Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau opened last year [more…]


Turkey from the Gulf to invest $ 2 billion

Invest $ 2 billion from the Gulf to Turkey: numerous customers in the Gulf, with Gökhan Ilgar, DISTRICTESTATES COMPANY OF KUWAIT with such giants as General Manager of returning to invest in Turkey. Gulf capital to Turkey to bring the $ 1 billion target revised [more…]