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Final Curves in Railway Projects

Last bend in Railway Project: Turkey's 8. Although the biggest exporter province Denizli has no direct connection to the port, Denizli Industrialist has been mentioned at every level by the Merchant Businessmen Platform. [more…]

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Kanal Istanbul Blows Land Prices

Canal Istanbul has skyrocketed land prices: Land prices on the Kanal Istanbul route have increased 2 to 4 times. Turkey's mega project, Kanal Istanbul, with the New Airport Project and the connection road of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge [more…]

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Why Was There A Metrobus In Bursa?

Why was the tram built in Bursa when there was a Metrobus: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that Bursa took pioneering steps in domestic production, and said that the first domestic tram and the first domestic metro vehicle [more…]

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Eagle - Kadıköy metro doping to the line

Eagle - Kadıköy Metro doping to the line:Kadıköy EVA Gayrimenkul Değerleme conducted field research in the districts where Kartal Metro passes through, and determined that real estate prices reached the top when compared to 2011. Kadıköy-On the Eagle Metro [more…]

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Bagcilar Kabataş Tram Line Opened

The tram services, which stopped due to the derailment of the tram in Güngören, Istanbul, due to a problem in the brakes, are active again after the necessary maintenance work. In Güngören district of Istanbul Kabataş-Derailment of the tram that makes the Bagcilar expedition [more…]

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Bursaray's new wagons became a childhood disease

Bursaray's new wagons have become a childhood disease: Bursaray's public transportation vehicle Bursaray, due to an electronic malfunction, the flights stopped for half an hour. Citizens who were waiting for the repair of the fault at the stations in 35 degrees heat revolted. BURULAS [more…]

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100 out of 15 articulated buses arrived

100 of 15 articulated buses have arrived: The first batch of 15 articulated buses purchased by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has started service. ESHOT will bring another 85 bellows with an interval of one month. Urban mass in Izmir [more…]

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Another metro disgrace in Bursa

Another metro disgrace in Bursa: Bursaray broke down again, citizens were stuck at the stations for minutes at a temperature exceeding 35 degrees. “We are tired of the breakdowns… Enough is enough!” Saying that, the people of Bursa harshly attacked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Recep Altepe. [more…]