THY: We are working with financial advisors for moving to 3.

Turkish Airlines stated that “We continue to work with financial advisors for investments to move to the third airport”.

The statement made by THY Press Office is as follows;

As Turkish Airlines, Istanbul's 3. Our company receives financial consultancy services in order to realize the investments we will make at the airport in the shortest time and the most accurate model. We continue our meticulous efforts on alternative financing models such as bank financing, project finance, long term leasing methods, taking advantage of the international airport financial investment experiences of our consultants. In a short period of time, an investment method will be determined in such a way that many elements such as financing cost, process management and quality assurance will be evaluated in the most appropriate way for our Company's interests.

However, 3. Our airport investments will be realized under various phases. In the first phase, it is planned to complete the investments that will enable the execution of the operations. In the following phases, 3. New Airport investments will continue as a result of the airport's growth process.

It is not possible for Turkish Airlines to be inadequate as asserted in some media outlets that may be required to provide financing for this project. The news in this direction in the press does not reflect the truth in any way.

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