Order to Speed ​​Up Projects from Transport Minister Turhan

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan stated that “mega projects” that will facilitate people's life in transportation and communication as the ministry will be accelerated, “There will be no slowdown in any of our projects. If necessary, we will work more and present our projects to our people. ” said.

Minister Turhan, said in a statement, as of July July as reminding 10 took over the ministry, the first job is to receive briefings about affiliates, related and related organizations and their work from general managers.

Expressing that as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, people will work to accelerate projects that will facilitate their lives in transportation and communication, Turhan said, “Our first instruction to our bureaucrats, 'All our projects will continue rapidly. No project will slow down. We will work harder if necessary. ' It was like. ” he spoke.

Turhan said that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he wanted projects not to slow down while he was serving as minister, that running alone would not be enough and that it should be launched.

"We work 7 hours 24 days for Turkey's prestige project"

Turhan emphasized that the Kanal Istanbul Project, which will connect the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea on the European Side of Istanbul, has been ordered to be announced before the end of this year, after financing the financing model of Istanbul New Airport, another important project of its ministry. He also reported that the works are on a 7/24 basis. Turhan, Turkey's prestige in the world will be the largest project of the new airport will be recalled to service on October 29.

President opened the first phase of the airport will be served by Erdogan, daily 3 500 thousand aircraft landing-takeoff Turhan expressing to do, airport voiced Turkey's economy is expected to contribute 73 billion pounds.

“We will tender the 3-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project this year”

Turhan also pointed out the importance of the 3-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project, which will be the first 3-storey tunnel in the world, and said that the tunnel needed by the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge axis will be combined with a single tunnel and the passage through the Bosphorus.

Pointing out that the work will be accelerated on the 18 Çanakkale Bridge, the foundation of which was laid on March 1915, last year, Turhan said that the bridge to be built between Lapseki's Şekerkaya location and on the European side of Gallipoli will serve as the first suspension bridge of the Dardanelles.

Turhan said that once completed, the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which will become the “biggest middle span suspension bridge in the world”, has many icons and will be “the bridge of icons”.

Stating that the bridge is targeted to be put into service on March 18, 2022, Turhan said, “The bridge will be the first in the world with the delicacies in its design. The upper part of the 333 meter high towers on both sides will be constructed to represent the cannonball that Seyit Onbaşı drove into the barrel during the Gallipoli Wars. ” used the expression.

“Work on satellites will not slow down”

Turkey's first indigenous satellite, Turksat and national 6a that expresses in Turhan continues to work rapidly, Satellite Assembly in Ankara, Integration and Test Center reported on the construction of the satellite is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

Turhan stated that the works will be carried out without slowing down in order to send Turksat 5A to space in 2020 and Türksat 5B in 2021.

Turkey's first base station to the local and national ULAK of commercial orders for delivery in August reminiscent of GSM operators performed Turhan, so that he would be serviced with local and national base stations all over the country.

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