TCDD 3 Regional Director Selim Koçbay conducts inspection in the closed tunnel

TCDD 3.General Manager Selim Koçbay conducted the inspection in the closed tunnel: 1912 between Savaştepe and Soğucak stations opened in 1 in Manisa Bandırma line. The number one tunnel was formed and the line was closed to train traffic. For rehabilitation and rehabilitation of the tunnel, a rehabilitation project was carried out in cooperation with Hacettepe University and Dokuz Eylül University. Although 100 is scheduled for a day period for breeding activities, it is planned that the tunnel will be opened in 3 months after the ongoing works in 2,5 shifts at two separate points.
368 m drilling, 8672 m blon and 22500 tons of cement are injected along the 1200 m tunnel. The works were examined on-site by Regional Manager Selim KOÇBAY and the works were accelerated and 3. Instructions are provided for the injection machine.

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