PTT signature on the crossing at Osmangazi Bridge

PTT's signature for the transition on Osmangazi Bridge: PTT AŞ General Manager Bozgeyik: “HGS toll booths were also established by PTT AŞ on the Osmangazi Bridge, which is considered to be the necklace of the Izmit Bay, as in all highways.” “Signed between Otoyol Yatırım ve İşletme AŞ and PTT AŞ banking contract was given authority to collect the money PTT "" the first bridge tolls to the private sector operating in Turkey was determined to be 89 pounds "
PTT Inc. General Manager Kenan Bozgeyik, Izmit Gulf "necklace" in Osmangazi Bridge as described Fast Pass System (HGS) office of, as in all motorways stating founded by PTT, Inc., "the first bridge will operate the private sector in Turkey, 89 Our organization, which will collect the tolls determined in lira, will transfer the money to Otoyol Yatırım ve İşletme A.Ş. said.
Bozgeyik, in his statement, said that as an institution that has developed and changed in recent years, they provide services in the fields of postal, banking, cargo and logistics. Bozgeyik reminded that as a company, they launched HGS on 17 September 2012 in order to prevent queues on highways and bridges where paid passage is made and citizens can get service in the shortest time and cheaply.
Bozgeyik stated that the system provides an unobstructed transition, automatic fee collection at the time of transition and thus the continuity of traffic flow is prevented and the queues are blocked. The long service life of HGS tags is another advantage.
Bozgeyik, highway entrance to permitted motorcycles, trucks, tractors, stating that cars like each class of vehicle hgs'y to subscribe, Turkey's 2023 target in line with the scope of the projects implemented in the intelligent transportation system, highway and would continue to be widespread in urban transport.
Bozgeyik, indicating that the number of active HGS subscribers exceeds 9 million, 179 HGS entry, 209 HGS reported that the booth serves citizens.
- "Post Office will collect the fees of Osmangazi Bridge"
Bozgeyik, on the Osmangazi Bridge, which is described as the "necklace" of the İzmit Bay, has been established by PTT AŞ as in all highways, and within the scope of the project, between Otoyol Yatırım ve İşletme A.Ş. and PTT AŞ, 7 HGS toll booths on the part of the highway open to traffic. He stated that a contract was signed for its installation and maintenance.
Stating that with the banking contract signed between Otoyol Yatırım ve İşletme A.Ş. and PTT AŞ on April 14, the authority to collect money was given to PTT, Bozgeyik said, “In the first phase of the project, the part between Altınova and Gemlik on the highway section was put into service on April 21 and the collection started. . Osmangazi Bridge, the 4th largest suspension bridge in the world, was put into service for our citizens on June 30. Our organization, which will collect the transition fee from the bridge, whose toll is determined as 89 TL, will transfer the collected money to Otoyol Yatırım ve İşletme A.Ş. said.
- Top up HGS accounts
Bozgeyik said that 21 thousand 290 vehicles have used HGS toll stations on the part of the highway that was put into service on 119 April.
Bozgeyik, explaining that the prepaid system is used in the HGS passage system established on the Osmangazi Bridge, which is one of the most important pillars of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway Project, which will reduce the transportation time between Istanbul and Izmir from 9 hours to 3,5 hours, adding money to HGS accounts associated with the transition system, He stated that automatic payment order from credit card, postal check account payment order, cash payment via PTT counters and PTT ATMs, through HGS agencies, and on the “” website at any time of the day.
Stating that vehicles using the HGS label will be calculated using the entrance and exit data to the highway lanes, the fee will be calculated and the amount for the fee will be covered from the customer's HGS account, Bozgeyik said that in vehicles with HGS labels but not detected by the system, the officials will check whether the vehicles from the plate have HGS labels and will deduct tolls from their accounts.
Bozgeyik stated that the system was implemented in the scope of the aim of producing and presenting the best service as the other projects of the company, said:
“HGS product sales can be made from all PTT headquarters and branches and from PTT offices on the highway. PTTMatics allow to load HGS residual for 24 hours. 33 PTT branches and agencies provide services on highways to carry out HGS product sales. Agreements were made with 14 banks, 6 oil companies and 1 GSM operator in order to increase the number of HGS product users and to ensure that citizens can obtain products more easily. With the commencement of the HGS transactions, the 'http: //' address has been put into use for customers to be able to inquire about their violations, transition information and balances. "


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