Prime Minister Yildirim gave the date for the domestic national high-speed train

Prime Minister Yıldırım gave a date for the domestic national high-speed train: Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, who participated in the mass opening ceremony of the facilities completed in Eskişehir: While TÜLOMSAŞ is doing this, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to give money to foreigners. Let's leave the understanding of 'My terrorist is good and your bad', this danger is the biggest threat in front of all countries, it is danger ”
Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, giving the date for the domestic national high-speed train, "TULOMSAS 2018'de domestic and national high-speed trains, and will be a company that makes a first," he said.
Yildirim first visited Azmi Celik, the Governor of Eskisehir. Prime Minister Yıldırım took part in the opening ceremony of the facilities completed in the city which was held in Eskişehir Province. Speaking here, Binali Yildirim, today 2 billion rail, road projects, including many schools, hospitals and sports facilities said they were inaugurated.
Noting that TÜLOMSAŞ is a facial flux, Yıldırım said, “In 14 years, we have done a lot to Eskişehir. If I try to explain these iftar passes to the Sahara will not grow. But I have a few things to say. Eskişehir is now becoming the center of aviation and rail systems. These are the sectors in which technological sectors make a difference. So we started from Eskişehir. We brought the fast train to Eskisehir. We also returned TÜLOMSAŞ, which has a history of 100, back to life. TÜLOMSAŞ, which is close to closing, today exports new generation locomotives to Europe and America in many parts of the world. He makes the most beautiful wagons. Now TÜLOMSAŞ 2018'de domestic and national high-speed train and will be a company that succeeds in a first. TÜLOMSAŞ continues to be the face flux of Eskişehir. T
”While TÜLOMSAŞ is doing this, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality also continues to give money to foreigners“
Prime Minister Yıldırım said that even if we did not have a penny to give out, Başkan While Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality is doing this, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to take train sets and parts from foreigners. He keeps giving the money to the foreigners. Eskişehirliler want to know this. We have everything. We also have the technology. We don't have a penny to give out. Because we need it inside. We need more production. We need to make our bread bigger. We need a fair share of growing bread. We split our bread Eskişehirlu fellow countrymen, but we do not split our country. We do not divide our country Ül.
”Eskişehir is the junction point of Anatolian lands“
Referring to the importance of Eskişehir, Yıldırım said, toprak Eskişehir is the junction point of Anatolian lands. Eskişehir is an important center combining East and West, North and South. Eskişehir is also a city that combines hearts. I am very happy to be the world of Eskişehir. Turkey's spirit, the spirit of the Caucasus, the Balkans, the spirit is here. Yunus Emre's conversation with Nasrettin Hodja is the center of brotherhood. Eskişehir's hospitality is better in the iftar table. 14 has invested a full 12,5 billion in Eskişehir throughout the year. Hello Helali, this place deserves more. We introduced Eskişehir to the whole world as the capital of the Turkic World. Eskisehir, everybody's dream became the first city in Turkey invention faster train. Eskişehir is such a city. We connected the fast train to Ankara and then to Konya and Istanbul. Eskişehir and Bursa closer. Eskişehir-Ankara will be like two neighborhoods in Eskişehir.
A citizen complains about the high-speed train.
Prime Minister Yildirim, a citizen of the short train related to the distress expressed by telling him about, he continued:
Aç It was a great satisfaction when we opened this fast train. 72 reduced by travel by road. Residents in Eskişehir now go to work in Ankara. Young people living in Eskişehir go to university in Ankara or those living in mainland come to Eskişehir to read. Isn't that beautiful? But one day the phone came. They said a citizen is looking for you. He had a complaint about a high-speed train. So I wondered, we were new and everyone was satisfied, that's where it came from. The gentleman said, 'Dear Minister, you brought a high-speed train to Eskişehir. Now, our bridegroom in Ankara, used to come to the holiday feast, our ears were comfortable, now we are looking for parents prepare breakfast. That's what you would do to me, dear minister. ' You see, some of the fast trains are useful for some. The job. Distinguished Eskisehir; road is civilization, water is civilization. Civilization is the future of the country. The level of civilization to the level of civilization, Gazi Mustafa Kemal pointing to that target pointing to the stone, not to put stone on the stone.
”Those who go on holidays are feasting“
He also mentioned the bridge to the Gulf and said, köprü The bridge will be made to the Gulf since the 1970. Governments came, governments went, ministers came, ministers went, nothing changed. But a long man came, said Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, he said, 'We are going to bridges here, we will finish this Gulf suffering' he said. Did we do it? In the 3,5 year, we brought the longest bridge in the world as a necklace between North and South of Marmara. We opened it on Thursday. The people going to the holiday are feasting. 3 continue on its way through the sea in minutes. He travels comfortably and comfortably to celebrate with his loved ones. Sev
Terrorism message to the international community
Prime Minister Yildirim, giving the international community a message of terror, said:
“We do everything. These are no problem either. Enough of our brotherhood, unity and harmony in our unity. Nowadays, we're going through a difficult turn. On Thursday, the terror machines, which sold their brains to innocent people at the airport, brutally demonstrated their skills in Baghdad. The explosion in Baghdad meant the lives of innocent people on 80. We always say that terror is a global threat, the religion of terror, denomination, non-caesar. If you never know where the terror will find you. One day in Brussels: one day in London, one day in Istanbul, one day in Baghdad, one day you suddenly appear in Ankara. We call on the international community once more. My terrorist is good, let us leave your bad understanding. This danger is the greatest threat to all countries, it is a danger. For him, but against terrorism, but without registration, we need to be one, we need to be together, we need to give the necessary answer to terror. 9, who lost his life in this grave terrorist incident in Istanbul on Thursday, has a citizen of different country, we have his own citizens and he was wounded. I wish mercy to the dead, I wish the wounded a speedy recovery. In this case, the whole world became one, one heart. They condemned terrorism at the same time. Even the flags of some countries halved. Turkey and entered into a great solidarity. I would also like to thank all the countries that showed this sensitivity. This is what should be. Ol

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