Free public transport in Istanbul extended

Free public transportation time in Istanbul has been extended: IMM announced that free transportation support has been extended in Istanbul! So when will free transportation last, what date and time? Here in Istanbul bus, metro, metrobus, marmaray etc. Details about free transportation application for…
İBB announced that the period of free transportation in Istanbul was extended with the statement made from its Twitter account. In Istanbul, bus, metro, metrobus, subway, tram, marmaray, ferry and engines, ie IETT tickets for all public transport vehicles that pass the free transportation application 27 2016 24.00 hours (the first three days of the week) will continue.
Before the free transportation application, Istanbulers who fill their blue cards monthly will wonder whether the contours in the cards will be wasted. Normal contours in the blue card must be used within the 1 months or contours are deleted. The duration of free transportation in Istanbul has passed 1 week. It is wondered whether this time will be added to the monthly periods of mav card holders.

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